6 New Kits Available!

Every week or two I will show pictures of the rya kits I am now offering from the Rauma company in Norway.  See if any of these turn you on.  Or maybe you will get ideas for your own designs.

These kits will come with everything you need from yarn, backing, needles, graph, instructions in Norwegian and my instructions in English.  If you live nearby, I’ll hold your hand as you get started.  If I ship to you, I’ll start the first row for you.

#783 Reds

Choice of two sizes: 60 x 110 cm (24″ x 43″) $350. 80 x 120 cm (31″ x 47″) $488.

And do you notice anything interesting about the rya below?

Choice of two sizes: 60 x 110 cm (24" x 43") $350. 80 x 120 cm (31" x 47") $488.

Choice of two sizes:
60 x 110 cm (24″ x 43″) $350.
80 x 120 cm (31″ x 47″) $488.

Alternative B has the exact same graph as the first red design.  Hard to believe that simply by changing the colors the image can change so much.

Rauma Folder14 #784A

Ruama Folder14 #784B

You have probably figured out that the last two photos are of the very same design with different colors.


And a Round option.  I carry round Rauma rya backings, so we could easily select colors of your choice for a unpatterned pile rya…just ask me.

#117 Langfloss Round

Ask for a price on this. I suspect it has a variety of yarns in this piece, so my standard price list might not be accurate. I’ll check.

And that is all I have time to list for you today.  Many more designs will be posted over the coming weeks.  Feel free to share with other rya enthusiasts.  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “6 New Kits Available!

  1. These are really beautiful. I like the tonal nuances. At first I thought they were entirely different rugs. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

    • Hi, Marge. Isn’t it interesting how the rya changes so entirely with the color changes. I had to do a double-take when I first saw them when I realized they were the same design! You are in the loop forever, my friend.

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