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Byrdcall Studio–Art Studio–is now becoming Byrdcall Studio–Rya Studio!  

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for Dec. 2017:

Wrapping up my custom T-shirt printing works–using all the blank shirts in the studio.  Follow the new T-shirt postings in my etsy shirt shop.

Also big news, I now offer Gift Certificates directly through the studio and me–and through Etsy.  Contact me for details, or purchase  now through etsy. 

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My mission in life is to bring the age-old art of Scandinavian rya rug making back into the public eye of appreciation and understanding.  A video I helped to create in 2011 has generated quite a fervor for more knowledge and quality supplies. Click here to see the video- The Lost Art of Off-Loom Rya Rug-Making. To answer the demand, I am writing a book on designing and making your own ryas. I also am selling all of the best supplies to make your quest for making a rya very easy for you.

 We carry a wide variety of quality rya supplies:

  • Rauma rya supplies from Norway.  All their standard wool and linen backings, all 82 colors of their Ryegarn, and also now carry all 77 colors of the finer Pyrdvevgarn.
  • Asborya colors from Borgs in Sweden.  We carry most their colors, but not in great quantity.
  • Lundgren Rya.   I bought back my grandparents’ rya rug supply business which they started the year I was born.  It had been sold out of the family for over 30 years.  My grandparents taught me and now I teach you.
  • The easiest way to buy kits and general supplies right now is via my etsy shop. Each listing has a wealth of information about the supplies. Please visit the online shop.

For your first purchase, I recommend to samples package with approx. 264 colors of yarn that you can feel with your hands as well as swatches of backing. Click here to read more or to order your sample package.

ShelvesofyarnThank you.  Feel free to spread the word:

Rya rug-making is making a comeback across the globe!

Melinda Byrd

In 2013, Byrdcall Studio was awarded a level II membership in the Green Business Network of Carroll County, Maryland

In 2013, Byrdcall Studio was awarded a level II membership in the Green Business Network of Carroll County, Maryland