Art for Your Business

If your business brings people into your establishment, you can help your clients and customers feel more comfortable and positive by setting the mood with art.IMG_0265

Your visitors will appreciate the fact that you took the extra step to make their time with you more enjoyable.   Look at the images below for ideas of how to improve your business experience through the addition of art.  With my help, we can give your place of business an identity, a new face…or just a facelift.

Update:  While I am writing a book on rya rug making, I will not be any more accepting commissions.

  1. Let one large painting tell your customers what you have to living color.
  2. Logo design to brighten a wall at Maryland Homebrew
  3. 12-Panel Mural for D.R.Camlin Architect & Associates
  4. Adventure Handcarved SignCarved in redwood, this sign hangs on an entrance door. I learned traditional sign carver from a New England sign carver. Sold.
  5. Big Bass Bar Handcarved SignHandcarved and handpainted on redwood. George really likes his sign.
  6. Brew FridgeThis is an example of my painting on unusual surfaces. For this job, I painted about 10 refridgerators and freezers.
  7. Calf and Cow icecream freezersNothing sells ice cream better than two happy cows!
  8. Cold Drink CoolerThe cool colors and the lettering flow make this cooler promote its own wares. (ice cold beverages)
  9. Face Painting FunWhen holding a special event, let happy faces carry your message around the town. See more painted faces in "Other Cool Stuff".
  10. Handpainted Sign Mt Airy Brewing CompanyHandpainted in exterior quality paints.
  11. High Point Handcarved SignHandpainted and handcarved for a Virginia farm. Sold.
  12. Interpretive BookA canvas paged book for many hands to flip through at the local Nature Center. Each page focuses on a different aspect of the natural history of trees.
  13. Logo Design BeermanA pen and ink drawing for the logo of a local homebrew supply company. Interestingly, I know of two people who have had this art tattooed on their bodies!
  14. The Dessert CoolerSee how the paint job can sell the products?