Buried Treasure in the Garden

gypsy in the hops 006My funny little dog, Gypsy, did it again. This past winter, she carried a 3 lbs. bag of potatoes out the doggy door, and proceeded to bury potatoes in all of my garden beds before I caught her.  I even found a potato in a bush about one foot above the ground!  A former stray, she must be preparing for the famine.

colors for Penelope

 Anyway, last week I was helping a rya customer select yarn by taking digital pictures with my iPhone of the yarn she was interested in positioned in sunlight so she could get a better idea of how the colors looked in the sun.  I often do this for people who don’t live close enough to stop by.  On a white board set just outside the studio door, I lined up 8 skeins of yarn, took a few pictures, then went in the house to email them to the customer.  An hour or so later when I was going back to the studio, the skeins were in disarray, but I didn’t think much of it…probably the wind. rya yarn in dirt The next morning after taking Gypsy for a walk, we were strolling the yard when a bright blue shone at me from under a decomposing log.  Looking closer, I could see it was a buried #51 skein of Lundgren yarn!    My precious yarn!

Now why would a dog bury a skein of yarn?  The next day my husband found another under the clothes line. What was she thinking?   But she is so cute!

4 thoughts on “Buried Treasure in the Garden

  1. Ah she’s very funny – perhaps a bit jealous of your rya making and the attention the skeins get – my late cat Kisu used to do the same 🙂

    • That is so funny. I bet Gypsy just needed more attention than I was giving her that day. She was probably disappointed when I had no reaction to yarn being missing that first day. She probably wanted me to chase her saying, “You scoundrel! Where is my yarn!?”

  2. What a funny and creative girl. Just like you, she has a great eye for the organic look…mix man and nature made. Or maybe she survivalist, stashing food and other valuables, just in case…

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