Floorcloths & Table Coverings

This colorful floorcloth sold at AIP on the rainiest day when I was ankle deep in mud!

Floorcloth: Bleeding Hearts. Sold.

Floorcloths are so versatile they can be used on any hard surface: the floor, table, countertop, stereo cabinet, large window sill, and more.  The images shown are intended to spur your creativity as to what type of floorcloth you want in your home.

There are two skills involved here:  the “painted work of art” and the mastery of floorcloth construction.  Through practice and research I have created my own technique that results in an exceptional quality piece.

Enjoy looking at some of my past floorcloths.  I am currently so focused on completing my rya rug making book right now that I am not taking any more commissions for floorcloth work at this time.  Please contact Canvasworks Floorcloths to see if they can help you. They do exceptional work in a quality that meets or exceeds the quality of the work you have come to know from Byrdcall Studio.

Click on the middle arrow icon among the symbols below to see a slide show.  Hold your cursor over the picture to read the caption.  You can make the image full screen if you like.

  1. Dancing on the Golf CourseThis is a custom-painted piece with animated "portraits" of the recipients' cats. SOLD.
  2. honeybee floorcloth for websiteHoneybees in the Hive--Realistic Abstract
  3. Turtle FloorclothTurtle Floorcloth - SOLD.
  4. Native Plants FloorclothJust completed in March 2011. 5.5' x 7.5' Sold. This will be used under a small kitchen table with chairs.
  5. Turtle FloorclothSold. Approx. 3' x 4'. Handpainted on heavy canvas duck.
  6. Floorcloth custom sunflowers with reclining catOne of two floorcloths custom-made for kitchen with owners' cats on each floorcloth. SOLD
  7. Floorcloth custom with cat and sunflowers for kitchen cornerThis floorcloth was custom made for an odd kitchen angle. This cat is the buddy of the other cat.
  8. Floorcloth detail of catDetail of cat shown here.
  9. Honeybee Floorcloth close upsold.
  10. Honeybee Floorclothsold.
  11. Bleedinghearts FloorclothThis one has sold, but I'd love to make another one similar to this.
  12. Hunt Scene China pattern on kitchen floorsold.
  13. Hunt Scene Floorclothcustom order to match china pattern. sold.
  14. Coming from Within FloorclothCurrently available. 29" x 43" Heavy duck base. $300 plus s&h.
  15. Coming From WithinCurrently available. $300 plus s&h. 29" x 43"
  16. Cats with Yarn FloorclothA custom order with actual cats as models.
  17. Detail of Three DaffodilsI actually laid the daffodil on the floorcloth as I painted them. sold.
  18. Three Daffodilssold. (sorry)
  19. Pink Sky FloorclothCurrently available for purchase. 21" x 33.5" Special sale price for online purchase: $180 plus s&h.
  20. Black Salamander Floorclothsold.
  21. Collection of Holiday Floorcloth PinsI never throw away my floorcloth scraps. Instead I upcycle them to other forms of art such as pins, barrettes, and earrings. Most of these pins have sold. I will soon update this photo to what is currently available. Price range: $10-20
  22. Fightin' WordsThis is a tabletop floorcloth painting. It is placemat size for convenient use on table, counter, dresser... Sold. I have this available on 8.5" x 11" paper and 11' x 17" paper, as 5" x 7" and 4" x 6" Note cards. A box of 8 small note cards is $15. Click on picture to purchase on etsy.
  23. Brook Trout on PlacematThis is one of my earlier tabletop floorcloths. Can you imagine how tricky mitering the corners of the hem on the back was! Sold. (approx. $100)
  24. Close-up of Brook Trout Placematsold.
  25. Green Fish on a PlatterFloorcloth tabletop covering. Sold. Available on framable size paper and as 5" x 7" note cards for $3.50 each.
  26. Gray Fish on a PlatterTabletop Floorcloth. sold. Available on framable size paper and as 5" x 7" notecards for $3.50 each.
  27. Happy Dogs Placemat size FloorclothWhile the floorcloths hold up GREAT on the floor, it is not a good idea to put dog water bowls on small floorcloths if the area is always wet. I learned that through experimentation.
  28. Interpretive Book made from Floorcloth CanvasFor the tree exhibit at Piney Run Nature Center, I designed and painted this book made of floorcloth canvas. It allows for thousands of little hands to play with it over the years without damage. And the pages are washable.
  29. Oak Leaf Floorcloth PlacematPainted softly like a watercolor. Sold.
  30. Oysters on a PlatterThis floortop table covering is sold, but framable prints are available for $20 and $25 as well as note cards for $3.50 each.