Excavating the Bulletin Board

At this moment, three items are on my bulletin board: a photo of my grandparents, a watercolor painting I bought in Ecuador, and a painted quote by Pythagorus: Choices are the Hinges of Destiny

For several years I have tacked to my studio bulletin board the gems of the day, things to be remembered, newspaper clippings, shopping lists for various paint stores and online supply companies.  I know this is my pattern because today–on a whim–not on my To-Do list, I stripped the bulletin board layering every slip of paper and photo in a pile–like an archaeologist.   Who was the woman who treasured this motley collection of trivia?

Interestingly the collection said a lot about me.  I value thank you notes; especially those from school children with pictures.  I must have an ego since every newspaper or magazine article about me or my work was at one time prominently displayed.  I found many of my “first sketches” of designs that I later carved in wood or linoleum.  (Nice to have them for posterity so someone can present them on Antique Roadshow in 100 years.)  There were many postcards from Art Shows I’ve attended over the years, addresses of friends I wanted to keep in touch with, and a poem I began about having seen Georgia O’Keeffe in Woodbine two years ago.

Another pattern emerged–my quest to organize my activities in various forms:  “Things I Must do – March 2009”, “Happy New Year Goals 2010”, and multiple lists entitled “To-Do.”  Most of the goals I eventually completed– or they simply weren’t worth doing.  One goal I wrote on every list was UPDATE BYRDCALL WEB SITE!  Well, that one was always tough–so much to add, so much to delete.  April 2011 was the month.  I’m almost done labeling every photo, listing shows on a calendar, and starting a blog.   It’s like turning over a new leaf.  I welcome you to check it out!  A whole new look–and I love it.  (Thank you, Jeannine Morber.)

Back to the bulletin board, sometimes we don’t realize how far we have come until we dig through history a little.  I wonder what you will find on your bulletin board.   I recommend the b.b. excavation if you are ready to reveal your patterns and see what’s on your old to-do lists.

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