Hand Painted Glassware

img_6133When you raise a glass in celebration of a major life event or simply as a tribute for having survived the day, the experience is much greater when you have a beautiful glass in hand.

You will find that my hand-painted glasses are different than any others you have seen.  Look at the photos below.  Whether simple decoration or elaborate portraiture, you will smile as you drink from my glassware.The first question is generally, “Nice, but can you wash them?” In 2000 when I painted my first glasses, I tested them in the dishwasher…for years.  My conclusion is this.  If hand-washing is not your cup of tea, go ahead and use the dishwasher.  In general, all glass will look its best in years to come if it is hand washed.

Currently, I am working on writing a book on designing and making your own rya rug. Due to my distraction problem, I have decided not to accept any orders for painted glassware until the book is published.  Until I start accepting glass painting commissions again, I refer you all to my good friend on the west coast, Deanna Hofmann.  Check out her etsy shop here.  Thanks for your patience.

  1. trout glassBrook Trout painted on a pint glass. (You'll have to fill it with your own beer.) Currently available for $40. Double click on picture to go to "buy it now" site on etsy.
  2. Red haired Mermaid on Red wine glassThis is one of four custom painted glasses as a wedding gift for mermaid lovers. (sold)
  3. Mermaid Wine Glass SetAll different designs of mermaids. Imagine the red wine background behind the images.
  4. Blue Macaw Martini GlassCustom ordered by a tropical bird lover. I can make one for you, too. $40
  5. Green Parrot Martini GlassHand-Painted Martini Glass. Sold. I can paint one for you if you ask me to. $40
  6. Scarlet Macaw Martini GlassAnother Custom order. Wanna cracker?
  7. Pinto Pony Red Wine GlassCustom Portrait Glass. Give me an excellent photo and I can do the same for you. Portrait glasses are $50.
  8. Cat Portrait painted on Pint GlassThis is Willow. Her owner smiles everytime she takes a sip.
  9. Spotted salamanderThis glass is currently available for $25 plus s&h.
  10. Hippo Tall tumble--handpaintedFrom the African safari set. I may still have this one if interested. Enquire. I'll give you a good price.
  11. Big Grapes wine glass setTransparent paint. I may still have some of these on hand. Ask.
  12. German Shorthaired Pointed handpainted on wine glass detailPortrait Red Wine Glass custom-painted. $50.
  13. Weimaraner portrait wine glassA custom order. Their dog painted on a 20 oz. red wine glass. Similar order $40 plus s&h.
  14. 4 Christmas wine glassesEach glass is different!
  15. Harmonica Blues Man Handpainted on a Pint glass
  16. Barn OwlHand painted on a pint glass. Sold.
  17. Blue tree frog on white wine glassSold. This was part of a set of 4 tropical tree frogs.
  18. A fishing river trip celebrated on 4 short tumblers. Sold.
  19. Detail of handpainted tumbler with river scene. sold.
  20. Memory of a river raft fishing trip forever on a glass. Sold.
  21. Happy man (my husband) in his raft.
  22. Western Cutthroat Trout handpainted on tumbler. sold
  23. Friends' faces painted on white wine glasses.Buy any of these ($20) or send me a photo for custom glass $40. Click on photo to see item in etsy shop.
  24. Jalapeno Peppers on a pint glass
  25. Cliffs of Mohr in IrelandStill available. $25 plus s&h
  26. Cobalt blue hydrangesThis was a special order on provided glassware. sold.
  27. Custom wedding champagne flutesCustomized order.
  28. Dessert Sunset wine setPainted completely in transparent paint. These are still available. Double click photo to see etsy listing.
  29. Collie dog portrait handpainted on white wine glass.Custom work. sold.
  30. Dalmatian portrait on white wine glassCustom order. sold. Send me your photo. Double click on image for etsy order form.
  31. Golden retriever custom portraitsold. click here to order your own
  32. Jack Russell portrait on white wine glassFeel free to order your own for $40.
  33. Elephant on tall tumblerThis was one of a set of 6 handpainted glasses representing an African safari. sold.
  34. Flamingo on a pint glassThis glass sold the first day I "showed" it. Ask me to paint one for you. ($40)
  35. Gold swirl wine glass setThis set is sold, but I can make as many as you like for about $20 each in gold, purple, black, red, green or multicolor.
  36. Harmonica man inspired by John Mahallsold.
  37. Holly-bordered white wine glassessold. Ask me to paint a similar set for you for $80 for 4 plus s&h.
  38. Hop Vines on pint glass set -- transparentsold.
  39. Ruby-throated Hummingbird on a pint glasssold. But I can paint one for you. $25 plus s&h
  40. Leopard skin champagne fluteI did these for a leopard-focused wedding! I love creative people.
  41. Rocky Mountains Theme wine glassessold. I really liked these glass--then--I really like mountains.
  42. Baltimore OrioleI can do any bird for you. I love birds.
  43. Palm Trees on the IslandI can help you relive your vacation passion everytime you refresh yourself...just ask. sold.
  44. Josephine on a brandy snifterThis is one of a pair--Napoleon and Josephine. sold of course.
  45. Napoleon on a brandy sniftThis is one of a pair--Napoleon and Josephine. sold of course.
  46. Custom Dog Portait on a Pint Glasssold.
  47. Pumpkinseed Sunfish on a Martini GlassI wish this was a better photo, but wanted to give you the idea of things I can paint on martini glasses for you.
  48. New Orleans colors swirled on white wine glassesRemember I can customize your colors on glasses like these. $20 each plus s&h.
  49. Scarlet Macaw MartiniI love this. Let me paint one for you.
  50. Cat faces on wine glassesThis was a set, but I do lots of individual glasses. Click to go to etsy for writeup and to order.
  51. Shark under surf on Martini Glasssold.
  52. Snowboarding glassYes, sports, too, sometimes...go nuts!
  53. Stained Glass wine setsold.
  54. Bouquet of glass flowersOne of my specialties. These have sold, but I do make them often; just ask.
  55. Flower GlassesAnother view of the bouquet. sold.
  56. Will McEvoy playing his guitarGo, Will!
  57. Yellow tree frogsold.