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Oscar Portrait

Hello, friends…  I am really excited to be restarting my web site  anew.   Now I am able to add and subtract images and text whenever I wish.  I am learning this month, so bear with me.  Just wait and see where we go together!   Stay tuned…

Here is a portrait of Oscar, my friends, Kara and Dave’s kitty.  Just finished it last week.  This week, aside from learning all the website maintenance skills, I completed what might be my last hand-knotted rya rug.  Backings are nearly impossible to find these days.  My grandparents, the Lundgrens, imported the fine craft supplies for many years, then had them made in the USA, but alas, they can no longer be found.  A local photojournalist, Ken Koons, has been documenting my work in photographs and video for the past month showing every step of my progress from design inception to completion.  Stay tuned for the link to youtube.com once it is complete.

I hope you will sign up to receive my occasional blogs, and share the link with friends who might be interested.  I plan on making it worth your while.  I will post a new photo of my projects each time.  Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of my work.

Enjoy the day!