Help Me Name My Rya Book?

I’ve been working on my rya rug-making book for over 4 years now, and the end is in sight!

All along I have been calling it Design and Make Your Own Rya Rug with a “subtitle” A Hands-On Guide to Off-Loom Scandinavian Rya Rugs, but as I get closer to the finish line I am starting to have second thoughts, wondering if there is a better title.  I know titles are important.  Should it be matter-of-fact?  Catchy?  Playful?  It must be memorable. Can you help? If anyone comes up with a new and different title that will make the cover SING, they may find a free book in their hands once it is published.  So chime in, throw your ideas into the pool.  Just click on “Leave a Reply” below.  (Your comment might not appear right away, but it will soon…check in later.)

. . . “The Knotty Rya” . . . “The Knotty Rug” . . .”Knot Another Rya!”  Oh, you can do better!

The book is conversational and empowering to the reader who wants to make a rya rug–and hopefully design their own rya.  There is some history of the Nordic art, but it is not a history book.  It has lots of examples and stories about and by individuals who have taken rya rug-making to new heights.  Most of all, it walks the reader through all they need to know to design and make their own rya rug…hey! That sounds familiar. It has some math and charts and worksheets, lots of photos, and resources for supplies and more information.  Any questions?  This would also be a great time to make requests for things you are looking forward to seeing in the book…It is probably already in there, but it isn’t to late to add more of what you are looking for.

Feel free to comment on each other’s comments. Vote for the best title ideas.

Thank you!!!                        —Melinda

21 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Rya Book?

  1. OH my gosh! These are great!!! You guys are very creative. I’m not going to influence anyone by reacting to individual suggestions yet…so keep them coming, folks. I’m loving this. Melinda

  2. I love reading your comments. Some people were not able to find the “Post Comment” button so I received their comments as emails… To keep them all together, I am copying them to this post:

    From Marsha in AZ: I think the cover looks great and the title is good. If I were looking for a book about a Rya rug that’s exactly what I would look for. I think a frivolous title would detract from the contents.

    From Paul in ID: How about: Modern Rya Rugs: Their Design, Construction, and Appreciation

    From Jenny Andrews: Looking forward to your new book. My name suggestion is “How to make Rya your own”. “A how-to manual to design and create your own original piece”

    From Laura in Sykesville, MD: So excited for you to see this project to fruition!
    One thing to consider is that people search for information with key words – I think you will need to include “rya” “rug making” and possibly “art” or “Handicraft” in your title.
    Imagine the words you would type into the amazon search box, or online library catalog to try to locate your book.
    Here’s to a joyful, healthy year of rewarding endeavors!

    From Daisy A. in MD: The Byrd Calls [That gave me a big smile, Daisy!]

    From Deanna near Seattle: The Art of Rya

    From Ella in AZ: Rya Rugs: the Art, the History, the Making

    Keep ‘um coming! I am heading off to finish writing this book!!

  3. Looking forward to your book and can’t wait to order it. Love the colorfull cover and in my opinion the title ‘Rya Rug’ is just perfect; brief and to the point. All the best!

  4. Hi Melinda …you never told us what it is going to be! I am sure ANYTHING that you come up with will be creative! Enjoy the process!

  5. To you all: I will be sending a Byrdcall Newsletter in a few days which will have a link to this blog. The newsletter goes to about 900 readers, so I want to give them all a chance to add possibilities…though I don’t know how we can improve on many of these. So it’s not too late to submit your ideas. Melinda

  6. I started to write out a post, then realized Marsha already perfectly captured my thoughts —-
    From Marsha in AZ: I think the cover looks great and the title is good. If I were looking for a book about a Rya rug that’s exactly what I would look for. I think a frivolous title would detract from the contents.

    • I agree with Marsha and Jean. The vedio on utube with the Tree of Life rug was what hooked me on rya rugs. I like the cover and title also.

  7. Here are my suggestions — which, of course, are tied to my connection to rya
    Bring Back the 60s or
    The Mid-Century Modern Floor

  8. When I went to an open-house at your studio, there was such a high energy, excitement, fun, and can-do atmosphere. Even my special needs daughter was encouraged to try. And she did! And she had a blast! I think the title should grab people’s creative side and let them quickly know that going from initial design to completed rug is exhilarating and extremely doable for anyone! As for a title suggestion, well, I became a scientist because I am terrible at this sort of thing; however, something like:
    Fun With Art Enjoy Creating Rya Rugs for the Novice to Expert

    • Hi, Glenn, I remember that day and your daughter, too, very well. That was a magical day and I’m so glad you drove down from Pennsylvania to share some time with us.

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