It’s an Addiction!

Drawing Geometric Design on Rya backing

Drawing on the backing with a Sharpie marker

Despite the fact that I am trying very hard to use every spare minute to work on my rya rug-making book, I decided that I had to try the acrylic/linen backing I recently acquired when I “bought back” my grandparents’ rya rug business.  It’s lighter in weight than wool, but well-woven.  I just had to try it before I could promote its use to my rya clients who trust me.   So two days ago I played with a design on paper which I then drew onto the woven backing with a straight edge and compass.  It would be and easy design to recreate for someone wanting to play with mixing colors.

After First 6 hours of knotting

This is what the entire backing and rug looks like at this point

I made a photocopy of my sketch and painted with paints to see how I might approach the coloring of the rug… Then I picked out some vivid colors to work with–since it is winter–and color is therapeutic.

Close-up of the Knot Work and Color Blending

Last night I come in from the studio with a marked backing, a half dozen needles, and a small bag of yarn.  I sat next to the fireplace and made my first knots.  Within minutes, I was totally back in the groove.  “Would these colors work together?”  I had to keep knotting to see how the next color would blend with the previous one.  “How will they look next to the area coming in a couple of rows?”

My husband folded his book and headed for bed.  “Just one more row!”  Between 7 and 11 PM I had knotted about 8 rows (about 6″).  This morning as the snow was just starting to fall, I just had to complete a circle in the design, just to see its shape.

My color card, my painted sketch, and the rya to be

Wow, so this is addiction.  Just walk away.  I did.  Then in minutes I had to go back for more.

So I took these pictures, I’m making this blog post, THEN I will write a chapter in the book before I make another row.  (Well, maybe I’ll fill in that center area first; won’t take but a few minutes.)

8 thoughts on “It’s an Addiction!

  1. Thanks for posting this. It is good to compare the difference between the colors in your painted sketch and how it looks in the yarn. I am excited to get started with the linen/rayon backing you just sent!

    • Hi, Judy, I just finished the rug a few days ago. Will post pictures soon. usually when I plan out the colors, the colors come first. In this case, I drew the lines and circles first on paper, then directly on the backing without knowing in advance what colors I was going to use. Then I painted that sketch as a rough guide. As the rug progressed, I changed my mind a lot. But I kept track of exactly how much of each color I used in case someone else wants to make that design with those colors. Have you started your rug yet?

    • Is that Mia in Sweden?! I just discovered your response to this blog post. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve been wanting to find time to write to you again…crazy busy lately. Soon.

      • Yes, Mia In Sweden!
        I got your mail and will respond in a minute! It’s been hectic over here as well. Just love to read your blog and see all the wonderful things you’re creating!

    • Hi, Heli! I finished it very quickly. Soon I will start another. I want to try out the new surface-knotted backings from Pirkanmaan. Have you used those? They are very heavy and floor worthy. (I just found your comment here today–almost a month after you posted. ooops.)

      • No Melinda I haven’t used the Pirkanmaan KT backings myself for the reason they’re too heavy for any of my work but I can imagine they are of wonderful weight for the floor, even wall if you’re making a smaller rya. Perhaps suitable even for an armchair or rocking chair cover base which needs to tolerate lots of wear and tear…:)

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