Other Cool Stuff

Sometimes, art just can’t be categorized. Here is art and craft that is unique, but not made in quantities so great that it can be grouped.  Most pieces are totally one of a kind.  HandPainted Horseshoe Crab Hat

Somehow, I started doing art on Mailboxes.  Now I have it down to a science.  Your mailbox says a lot about you…”This is where I live…this is what I love… this is what I share with you as you pass by my house.”  The paint a finish lasts for many years   Splurge.

No router, no sandblasting. HAND WORK to marvel at!  One reason I show these pieces is to give YOU ideas of what I might be able to do for you. Never hesitate to ask. Nothing gives me greater joy that to figure out a challenging project for you.

Click on the image below to see the next.  have fun.

  1. Okra SantasThese are totally unique and totally hand crafted along with sculpted faces. $25 each
  2. Barley manI went nuts on a group of homebrewers one day. No one was spared. Fun.
  3. Cheetah across the noseEver seen a happier cheetah?
  4. Purple Butterfly FacepaintingSometimes I do facepainting to liven parties.
  5. Nemo's FriendWhatever the child requests, the child gets. 😉
  6. Face Painting FunCelebrating the crawfish.
  7. Hops on manTommy glows with hops on his cheeks. And look at those baby blues.
  8. One on each CheekShe wanted a pony and a raven. Hey, I'm easy.
  9. Mermaid in SurfNothing like a painting on yor face to change your outlook on life. Try it!
  10. Spiderman on cheekYou'd smile, too.
  11. Team of HorsesLife is good. (Wish I had coined that phrase.)
  12. Tiger FaceGrrrr.
  13. Soccer CheekGuess what my favorite sport is.
  14. Nature Camp Face PaintingPiney Run Nature Camp. I demonstrated face painting, then they all painted each other's faces like local wildlife...and some not-so-local.
  15. Locked in Time Sand CastingI can turn your pawprint into a fossil. This is a sand casting. Available for purchase. $50.
  16. George's Big Bass Bar Handcarved SignA bar has to have a name. Go for it. Sold.
  17. Boxed Doggy Note Cards$15 for a box of 8 notecards with envelopes. Yin Yang Labs, Waiting for Dinner, Feeding Frenzy, and Dancing Dogs Celebration.
  18. Summer Pleasures Boxed Note CardsThese are 5" x 7" cards. Regularly $3.50 each. A box of 8 is just $20. Send them or frame them.
  19. Blue Crab MailboxThat could be your name on this mailbox. (Est. $100)
  20. Cutthroat Trout MailboxWhat's your favorite fish?
  21. Dancing Dogs at SunsetThis was a custom job--al the dogs of the neighborhood.
  22. Guatemalan CrabEasy to describe where you live..."You'll notice our blue Guatemalan crab on the mailbox..."
  23. Dog Portrait MailboxThis was a great gift from a Real Estate agent to the client who bought a new house. Just give me the photos to work off of.
  24. Labrador retriever mail boxSold. Heavyweight mailbox was provided by customer.
  25. Maine LighthouseI can smell the ocean.
  26. Hot Peppers on a Mail boxI think I still have this one. Special for $30 plus shipping.
  27. Rainbow Trout MailboxAnother trout mailbox....love those trout.
  28. Hummers in Coral BellsCurrently available for purchase. Discounted to $30 plus s&h.
  29. Not So Brown TroutSold. But what a fun mailbox!
  30. Puffin MailboxI can paint any bird you like on a mailbox. very cool. (est. $100)
  31. Red tail Hawk MailboxMy next door neighbors enjoy this big mailbox....as do I every time I drive by.
  32. Hummingbird on GlassIf I can paint on wine glass, you can bet I paint on flat glass. Imagine seeing a hummingbird at your window everyday!
  33. Jumbo Crab Mailbox CustomizedI usually paint a smaller more standardized mailbox, but this customer wanted this big boy. I'll gladly do the same for you if you request.