When I paint for myself, I paint what comes from within.  Sometimes it is a detail image of something I find to have beauty, and sometimes it is abstract.

  1. Twin Arch Bridge Mt. Airy, MDFrom the original oil painting commissioned by the Mt. Airy Tavern. Fine Giclee prints are available for sale on stretched canvas, and on two sizes of museum quality paper with archival ink.
  2. Dean Camlin Architect MuralTwelve 18" x 18" mounted wood panels Acrylics Custom Order -- SOLD
  3. CairnOil Painting framed in natural wood Currently Available $350
  4. Harriet's TracksOil Painting Harriet Tubman's trek of the Underground Railroad SOLD
  5. SoulmatesAcrylics on Paper The energy of love Available -- $150
  6. The Other Road to HanaAcrylics 10" x 10" Gallery wrap Available -- $125
  7. Barn at Aspiring HeightsAcrylic painting done on the backboard of a shelved table. A custom order. Sold
  8. Three DrummersA pastel painting sketched on site as the drummers performed. I call this an action sketch. Sold.
  9. Earth MessengerThis original acrylics painting is currently available for purchase. ($350) Matted and framed. Ask for details.
  10. Heart and SoulThis acrylic painting on canvas is approx. 2' x 3' framed. Sold.
  11. Orange OutcropWatercolor. Sold.
  12. Sequoia SunriseInspired from a recent trip to California, this acrylics painting measures approx. 2' x 1'. Sold.
  13. Wreath CollageMultimedia collage using canvas pieces from my floorcloth work over an acrylic painting. (Auctioned at Carroll Arts Center's Festival of Wreaths)
  14. Yellow, Orange, and TeaWatercolor painting. Sold.
  15. Sketch of Bar BuddiesA painting often starts with a sketch. Sometimes the sketch is the finished art. This pen and ink is an early "Byrd." Currently available matted and framed for $120.
  16. Backstage with Deanna Bogart and the NighthawksThis sketch captures a moment behind the scenes while Deanna Bogart jams with the Nighthawks. Matted and framed and available for $165.
  17. Sketch of John Mooney at Hot August Blues FestLive action sketch in felt tip. Sold.