Pets & Animals

Over the recent years, there has been a growing interest in my pet art, so rather than making pet-lovers search my entire website to find items relating to pets, I have gathered all pet items from every category and placed them here for you to find easily.

I love to show this work because it makes people smile.  At this time, I am diligently working on writing a book on designing and making rya rugs, so I am not taking new orders.  Enjoy the slide show below.

  1. Cat Portrait painted on Pint Glass
  2. Dancing Dogs Hand painted chairBring me your chairs. I'll paint them.
  3. Cat on floorclothI can paint your pet sleeping or playing on a floorcloth. Estimate price $35/square foot.
  4. Great Blue Heron painted on bodhran drumThis is a custom paint job on an Irish drum. sold.
  5. Handpainted Mailbox with dancing dogs and dancing catsGreat way to keep your pets--past and present--alive on your mailbox. I work from your photos. Estimate $100 plus blank mailbox cost if I buy it.
  6. Horse portrait detail on wine glassThis one of a set of horse portrait glasses. click on image for etsy write up.
  7. Horseshoe crab hand painted hatSold, but I can paint what you want on a hat like this.
  8. Italian Greyhounds oil paint portraitAn oil painting is a more permanent tribute to your loved ones.
  9. Kitty Waits woodcut with hand watercoloringI can hand-color the Kitty Waits woodcut print to match your cat's colors. Estimate $100.
  10. Mailbox painted with German Shepherdssold. I can create a similar image with your pets if you ask. Approx. $100.
  11. Maryland Blue Crab Mailbox handpaintedCustom painted for you. This one is sold.
  12. Mourning Song acrylic painting of Mourning DoveSold. A tribute to a Mourning dove that hit my window.
  13. Terrier portraitAcrylic painting of a sweet terrier. sold.
  14. The WoolieAcrylic painting of sheep. The original has sold, but I have prints of the highest quality paper and inks. Small (11" x 8.5") $25. Larger (17" x 13") for $65. click for etsy details.
  15. Tug of love, Two Labs playingCurrently available for purchase. Acrylic painting on canvas. 18" x 24" and framed with 1.75" frame as shown. Priced to sell at $275 plus s&h.
  16. Weimaraner portrait wine glassLet me paint your pet on a wine glass for $50. Many choices of glassware.
  17. Wild Pony (Gypsy Vanner) Acrylic painting10" x 10" Gallery wrapped canvas. Currently available for purchase for $95 plus s&h. Click on photo for more info.
  18. Pinto PonyThe original pastel painting is sold, but very nice reproductions are currently available in 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 14" paper as well as notecards. Click on photo for details.
  19. Sheep in FieldPastel Painting. Sold. No prints available. Posted for your viewing pleasure and ideas for commissioned works.
  20. Smiling PigThis is a tabletop size floorcloth which sold at its first showing. Thought you'd get a smile from it. I enjoy painting all farm animals.
  21. Snowy Owl Canvas Pinsold. I reuse my floorcloth scraps in many ways. This 1.5" x 2.5" painting is supported on a fiberboard with pin back. They are called floorcloth pins...ask for custom if you like.
  22. Salamander Blue -- a tabletop floorclothThis peice is currently available for $100. Set it on a table or dresser top. No spills can hurt it due to the urethane finish. Ask for details if interested.
  23. Toucan Floorcloth PinSold. 1.5" x 1.5" Just showing off my ability to paint small when I want to.
  24. Brook Trout Floorcloth Placematsold.
  25. Trout Floorcloth PlacementI must admit, I've done my share of fish paintings. Love them. sold.
  26. White Ibis in watercolorsThis is currently available for purchase. Ask for details. $50
  27. Yin Yang Labs IIThis is the woodcut I decided from the Yin Yang Labs painting I did. See them both side by side. The woodcut print costs $65. The colorful reprodcution is $20 or $25 depending on the size you order.
  28. Yin Yang LabsWhile the original floorcloth on which this was painted has sold, I have notecard and framable size prints available today. I also carved this design in wood so woodcut prints are available.