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Silkscreened Shirt Ordering Information

raven shirts and dogs 018While I am most proud of my hand-printed shirts, I am also very happy to have nine of my designs available silkscreened on shirts which gives you a reduced price as well as instant availability.   For easiest purchase of a silkscreened shirt go to my “Buy It Now” shop:  Byrdcall on Etsy.  Or simply email me telling me the silkscreened shirt, size and color you want and I will send you an online invoice for same day service. If you want a handprinted shirt, go to previous page.

Dealer wholesale inquiries invited for silkscreened shirts.

The following designs are available silkscreened as well as hand-printed:  Hops, Simplify/Thoreau, Three Fireflies, Brookie in Color, Dragonfly, Listening, Great Blue Heron, and limited quantities of Action in the Riffles and Brookie (green).

  1. Hops shirt Green on GreenSilkscreened. $20 plus $3.50 s&h in USA. Also available in green in on beige.
  2. Silkscreened Hops T-shirt Green on BeigeVery popular among homebrewers. $20
  3. Hops in Ladies cut shirtThe shirt color is pistachio with green ink. 100% cotton by Gildan. $20 plus $3.50 s&h in USA.
  4. 3 Fireflies on Flo BlueSilkscreened and available in all sizes for men and women. men's also comes in a hemp green. $20 plus $3.50 s&h in the USA.
  5. Brookie in ColorThis silkscreened shirt is available in Anvil Organics, Gildan 100% cotton--long-sleeved ($30) and short sleeved ($25). I have a few bleached white cotton ladies cut ($25).
  6. Brookie in ColorSilkscreened. Looks great being worn. $25 plus $3.50 s&h in the USA.
  7. Great Blue Heron - silkscreened organic cotton shirtMade by Anvil Organics. 3-color silkscreen. Special Sale due to having accidently printed too many. In mens and women's cut shirt. $15 each while they last plus $3.50 s&h in the USA.
  8. Great Blue HeronComfortable Anvil Organics. On sale while they last. Click on the image to go straight to this item in my etsy shop.
  9. Simplify/ThoreauThis is my most popular silkscreened shirt. It is available in cedar red, blue, and khaki for only $20 plus s&h. Click on the image to go directly to item on etsy.
  10. Simplify/ThoreauThis is my most popular silkscreened shirt. Short-sleeves are available in cedar red, blue, and khaki for only $20 plus s&h. Click on the image to go directly to item on etsy.
  11. Simplify/ThoreauI grew up in Henry David Thoreau country, went to Thoreau School, and learned to swim in Walden Pond. HDT is within the fiber of my being. Click image for etsy shop and more details.
  12. Simplify/Thoreau Long SleevesI offer this design in longsleeves in three colors: Gray, Maroon, and Texas orange (see next photo). Longsleeve shirts are $25. The maroon is actually darker than the one in the photo. Click on image to go to etsy link.
  13. Simplify/Thoreau Long SleevesThis is the Texas orange color. Andy's favorite color from the looks of it. 😉
  14. Mount Airy Maryland Twin Arch BridgeI have a limited number of these shirts and there will never be more since I sold the rights to the design the The Mount Airy Tavern. I have men's in khaki and blue, and lots of children's cut shirts. Click on image to see detailed etsy write-up.
  15. Action in the RifflesSilkscreened. Organic cotton by Anvil. A very limited number and sizes available. Size Small - $20, Size XXL - $23.
  16. BluesLimited number of silkscreened shirts available. All are small men's. And Ladies tank tops in periwinkle blue. Ask if I have your size. Great design. I can hand-print on for you.
  17. BluesThe shirts always look better with someone in them. Again, these are currently only available in men's small.
  18. Brookie in GreenVery limited supply at this point of these nice organic cotton shirts. Smalls available for $20 plus $3.50 s&h.