Hand-Printed Shirts

Melinda holding new shirt design - CopyI have designed and carved almost 30 different images in wood or linoleum which I have available on paper for framing.  But I also print on high quality 100% cotton shirts when the spirit moves me.  In recent years I did shows where I brought hundred of hand-printed shirts from which you could choose your design, size, color, and style.  Now, I maintain a basket for every size with a nice selection of designs and colors.

The best way find what is available is to go to my etsy shop.  In my Byrdcall etsy shop I show the shirt images by design, and photograph the available shirts.  For each listing I keep an actual avalabily list from which you to select your shirt.  When I notice that the available sizes are dwindling, I print more.

Since I am now focusing my efforts on writing a book on rya rug making, I no longer print shirts “on demand.”

shirts in rack


  • $25. per T-shirt size Small through X-Large for almost all designs.
  • $30. per Long-sleeve shirt size Small – X-Large
  • Add $3 for size 2XL – 3XL
  • The Great Blue Heron design is a 2-block print process, so it is $5 more.
  • Maryland sales tax will be charged on orders going to Maryland addresses– 6%

I also have a selection of silkscreened shirt in all sizes, but limited color choices–and for a lesser price.  Click here for information on ordering a silkscreened shirt.

Note:  Send me a clear digital image of you in your new T-shirt and I may post it here!

  1. Waste NotHand-printed on a Crimson T-shirt
  2. BluesHand-printed on a Blue Spruce T-shirt
  3. Cupcake Linocut handprinted on Toddler ShirtOn toddler shirts I have Knotty Dogs, Three Crows, Cupcake, Tree Frog, and Wanna Play.
  4. Shirts Displayed at Outdoor FestivalThis gives you an idea of the multitude of possibilities there are with designs, styles, sizes, and colors. The choices I listed for you are minimal so you don't go crazy with choices. Let me know what you really want!
  5. Bee! on a Ladies cut T-shirt by Comfort ColorsColor: raspberry
  6. Yin Yang Labs IIPrinted on Blue Spruce T-shirt
  7. Today I will Create!Hand-printed on a Ladies Flo Blue T-shirt
  8. Action in the RifflesHand-printed on a Blue spruce T-shirt
  9. Comfort Colors Tagon a Blue Spruce shirt
  10. Great Blue Heron on Denin shirt
  11. Great Blue Heron shirts completeThis is how a big order after a show looks after the second color printing. Notice how each shirt color affects the mood of the image. Colors: Yam, Floe Blue, Denim, Khaki, and Lagoon
  12. Tree Frog on Blue Spruce
  13. Listening on Khaki Longsleeve
  14. Kitty Waits on Blossom ladies shirt