Rare Opportunity for Custom-Printed Shirts–Act Now!

NEW NOTE:  Please send me your orders no later than Thanksgiving 2017.  I will be printing that week and the next.  Help me move my blank shirts as well as helping yourself my wearable art.  Kind share this with anyone who might appreciate it.  Thanks. Melinda

As you may already know, I print very few shirts these days. Yet I have many blank shirts just begging to be printed and I have many shirt-lovers who really wish I would print shirts again.  So right now is your opportunity to request your favorite woodcut or linocut to be printed for you (or your loved ones as gifts).

There are two ways to do that:

  1. You can email me to tell me which size, color, and design you want, and I will tag the shirt for you and send you an online invoice.  (Great option for those who do not live nearby.
  2. You can leave a message in the comment section below and I’ll follow through with you.

Why should you do this?

  1. You may have bought my shirts in the past at the Mistletoe Mart, the American Visionary Art Museum’s BazaArt, or at the Studio here during the Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour, but I am not participating in those shows this year.  This is your opportunity to get a jump start over everyone else who will want my shirts this holiday season.  Truly.
  2. You know these shirts will bring you or your loved ones oodles of compliments and the feeling of looking really cool when sashaying down the street in a Melinda-Byrd-Shirt.
  3. On the selfish side, my energies are mainly focused on getting my book done, and if I can encourage you all to buy your shirts in the least time-consuming way (for me) it will allow me to get my job done and move on in life.

Click on the link below to select design:  If you don’t see one you are looking for, just ask me. If you don’t know the name of the design, just describe it for me.  The design I call “Yin Yang Labs”, you can call “the two dogs swirling around the heart.”  I’ll know what you mean.

Woodcuts & Linocuts

Here are your selections at this moment:  (No printing of the Hops, Great Blue Heron, nor Dragonfly due to technical issues.)  Please note that I have added text saying which shirts have sold out below the photos… Today 11/18/17 I have 100 shirts left to print.

For Unisex (Men’s) short-sleeve T-shirts made by Comfort Colors 

$30 (includes tax and postage)

Note:  In the photo above, the Large Hemp green shirts has sold. 10/31/17.

The XXL’s cost $33 including tax and postage:  (The Berry colored one in the middle below has sold.)

And I have Unisex (Men’s) Long-sleeve shirts also made by Comfort Colors

These are super comfy shirts which are heavy and durable.  I stocked up at a time when Comfort Colors were very difficult to find–so I bought them anytime I found them.  Now they are more widely available and their price has gone up.   Mine has not.  Buy now while I’m offering to make them for you.  I have some in Ladies cut…see below. But many women prefer this ample cut.

No Small, Medium or Large ow..  $35 includes tax and postage.

$45 for 2XL and 3XL includes tax and postage. (A bargain since long-sleeves weigh more and must go Priority Mail.)

LADIES SHIRTS – $30 for custom-printed shirt includes tax and postage

(Note:  below, the XL Violet Ladies cut shirt has sold.)

The 2X and 3X shirts cost $3 more, or $33 including tax and postage.

Tank Tops are $30 inclusive of tax and postage.

Long-sleeve Ladies shirts are $35 including tax and postage.

(The Violet XXL one is no longer available.  10/31/17)


Mark your calendars for Nov. 4th between 10 AM – 3:30 PM for chance to hand-pick all your shirts and designs.  The carved blocks are hoping you pick them!

Feel free to make your requests in the reply section below.  I may simply respond to you directly or I may approve the comment for all to see if you ask questions that would be helpful to others.

In any case, get thinking about what shirt you want!

Please forward this blog post to anyone you know who like my shirts.  I may not offer this custom order service again… share  …share  …share  …

Easy way to Order Hand-Printed Shirts (if you can’t get to a show.)

Melinda holding new shirt design - CopyWhy didn’t it dawn on me sooner to make it easier for you to order a shirt?  Now, all you need to do is email me the information listed below.  I am printing about once a month, so get your order in for the next printing day.

I sell the silkscreened shirts on my etsy shop…click here.  But only a few of the handprinted shirts are on etsy.  You can buy or place an order at my shows, but here is another way.

Ordering a Hand-Printed Shirt — 2015

Email me your request.  I will check my bins to see if I have exactly what you are looking for, and if I don’t, I will hand-print one for you.  There is no added charge except postage:  $4—short sleeves; $6—long sleeves.  If buying multiple shirts, I’ll weigh them and quote an actual price for you.   My next printing day will be about 10 days after the Mistletoe Mart ends — the week of Thanksgiving.  Orders placed by November 17th will be printed along with all my Mistletoe Mart orders and should be in your hands by the end of November. 

If you would like to save on postage, you can pick it up at my studio in Woodbine, MD during the Carroll County Studio Tour Dec. 5-6 between 10 AM – 5 PM.  Just tell me when you order so I don’t charge you for postage.

All you need to do is tell me the following for me in an email sent to byrdcallstudio@gmail.com.  I will send you an easy online invoice and the process gets underway.

  1. Tell me the design name:  Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see about 20 of the designs.  Ask me to post a picture of any other design you want to see from the list below.

Action in the Riffles,   Bee!,   Blues,    Brookie,   Calf & Cow,  Canada Goose,  Cupcake, Peace-Dove, Three Fireflies,  Great Blue Heron,    Hops, James Ranch,  Kitty Waits,    Knotty Dogs,    Listening,  May the Road,   May the Wind,    Monarchs & Milkweed,    Puffin,  Serpent Ridge Original,   Simplify/Thoreau,  Three Crows,    Today I Will Create,   Tree Frog,    The Woolie,    Under the Palm,   Waiting for the Green Flash,    Wanna Play?   Waste Not,    Yin Yang Labs.

  1. Tell me the Style: (All Comfort Color brand Shirts)

Ladies T-shirt,          Ladies Long sleeve,

Unisex T-shirt     Unisex Long-sleeve T-shirt,  or   Child’s T-Shirt

  1. What Size?

Adult   S     M     L      XL      XXL     XXXL   or  Child   XS   S    M    or  L  

(XXL and XXXL additional $3)

  1. What Color?  (I may be able to get others, so ask if you want something different.)

Unisex (Men’s) T-Shirts:  Flo blue,   Yam,   Crimson,   Berry,   Hemp,  or   Blue Spruce

Unisex  Longsleeve Shirt:   Flo blue,  Yam,   Crimson,   Berry  or   Blue Spruce

unisex shirt colors copy

Ladies T-shirt:  Flo blue,   Violet  Sea Foam, Hemp, or Crimson

Ladies Longsleeve: Flo blue,  Violet,   Crimson,  Chocolate  or Denim (not shown)

ladies shirt colors copy

Children’s Shirts:  Flo blue,   Blue spruce,   Denim,   Berry  or   Lagoon

5.  Second choice if first choice color is unavailable.

6.  Name, Address, zip, phone number, and email address

7.  Do you want me to mail shirt or will you pick-up during Studio Tour?

8.  Let me know if you want me to add you to the Byrdcall Studio Monthly e-Newsletter mailing list.

9.  Absolute deadline for receiving your shirt.  ASAP is standard for me.  But let me know if your request is date-dependent so I can determine if there is a timing issue.

Prices:  $25 for Adult and Child T-Shirts, $30 for long-sleeves.

Maryland Sales Tax of 6% is added.

Add $5 for Great Blue Heron—a 2-color process.

Add $3 for XXL and XXXL

The not-so-fine print:  I move quickly on paid shirt orders, but occasionally the shirt company can not send me a certain size or color as soon as I would like it.  You can really help by making a 2nd choice, just in case 1st choice is on extended backorder.  

And from a crazy busy artist’s perspective, the easiest order for me is the one where I get an email that says, “Melinda, I would like the ‘Today I Will Create” t-shirt in a Ladies size Large.  What colors do you currently have on hand?”  I respond, then they can choose one or ask me to print one.  Often shirts go out in the mail the same day!

Thanks!  Remember this blog posting is always here, so refer to it whenever you need a shirt.

Mistletoe Mart and tree glasses 013