My Art Published in a Book!

Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Nothing brings out the dancing little girl in me like opening a package containing a book with my artwork published.  I just did that happy dance this afternoon when I tore open the box sent by Mark Sullivan, Director of the Art History Program at Villanova University.  He had contacted me several years ago explaining that he was writing this book, Picturing Thoreau — Henry David Thoreau in American Visual Culture about the many images we have of Henry David Thoreau and how people have viewed him over the years.  He asked if I would be willing to share my 2003 linocut print with him as an illustration for his book. Sure, why not?  (I’m a closet exhibitionist, remember?)

You see?  Here's proof!

You see? Here’s proof!

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’ve had a great time flipping through and looking at the pictures. (That is how I usually read a book.) But I will definitely take the time to really read about Thoreau who has had a terrific influence on my life.

I think most of you are familiar with my linocut. (How many of you wear the shirt with pride?) What? You don’t have a Thoreau shirt?  Well, we can fix that: To my etsy shop. (Sorry, Henry.)

How many of you recall the Byrdcall Blog I did back in 2012 when I shared how my Brookie in Color had been featured in a book.  Check it out if you missed that one. It really is a treat for me to “be published” without doing the publishing work.  For the past year and I have I have been focusing on little else than writing my Rya Rug-Making book, and I now know how much work it is to write a book.  Kudos to Mark Sullivan for bringing a huge endeavor to fruition.  And thanks for making my day!

If you are as crazy about Thoreau as I am (or as Mark Sullivan is) and you want to get a copy for your Thoreau Library, Click here for details.

Now back to my own book-writing……  Feel free to comment below.

Cheers, Melinda