Rare Opportunity for Custom-Printed Shirts–Act Now!

NEW NOTE:  Please send me your orders no later than Thanksgiving 2017.  I will be printing that week and the next.  Help me move my blank shirts as well as helping yourself my wearable art.  Kind share this with anyone who might appreciate it.  Thanks. Melinda

As you may already know, I print very few shirts these days. Yet I have many blank shirts just begging to be printed and I have many shirt-lovers who really wish I would print shirts again.  So right now is your opportunity to request your favorite woodcut or linocut to be printed for you (or your loved ones as gifts).

There are two ways to do that:

  1. You can email me to tell me which size, color, and design you want, and I will tag the shirt for you and send you an online invoice.  (Great option for those who do not live nearby.
  2. You can leave a message in the comment section below and I’ll follow through with you.

Why should you do this?

  1. You may have bought my shirts in the past at the Mistletoe Mart, the American Visionary Art Museum’s BazaArt, or at the Studio here during the Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour, but I am not participating in those shows this year.  This is your opportunity to get a jump start over everyone else who will want my shirts this holiday season.  Truly.
  2. You know these shirts will bring you or your loved ones oodles of compliments and the feeling of looking really cool when sashaying down the street in a Melinda-Byrd-Shirt.
  3. On the selfish side, my energies are mainly focused on getting my book done, and if I can encourage you all to buy your shirts in the least time-consuming way (for me) it will allow me to get my job done and move on in life.

Click on the link below to select design:  If you don’t see one you are looking for, just ask me. If you don’t know the name of the design, just describe it for me.  The design I call “Yin Yang Labs”, you can call “the two dogs swirling around the heart.”  I’ll know what you mean.

Woodcuts & Linocuts

Here are your selections at this moment:  (No printing of the Hops, Great Blue Heron, nor Dragonfly due to technical issues.)  Please note that I have added text saying which shirts have sold out below the photos… Today 11/18/17 I have 100 shirts left to print.

For Unisex (Men’s) short-sleeve T-shirts made by Comfort Colors 

$30 (includes tax and postage)

Note:  In the photo above, the Large Hemp green shirts has sold. 10/31/17.

The XXL’s cost $33 including tax and postage:  (The Berry colored one in the middle below has sold.)

And I have Unisex (Men’s) Long-sleeve shirts also made by Comfort Colors

These are super comfy shirts which are heavy and durable.  I stocked up at a time when Comfort Colors were very difficult to find–so I bought them anytime I found them.  Now they are more widely available and their price has gone up.   Mine has not.  Buy now while I’m offering to make them for you.  I have some in Ladies cut…see below. But many women prefer this ample cut.

No Small, Medium or Large ow..  $35 includes tax and postage.

$45 for 2XL and 3XL includes tax and postage. (A bargain since long-sleeves weigh more and must go Priority Mail.)

LADIES SHIRTS – $30 for custom-printed shirt includes tax and postage

(Note:  below, the XL Violet Ladies cut shirt has sold.)

The 2X and 3X shirts cost $3 more, or $33 including tax and postage.

Tank Tops are $30 inclusive of tax and postage.

Long-sleeve Ladies shirts are $35 including tax and postage.

(The Violet XXL one is no longer available.  10/31/17)


Mark your calendars for Nov. 4th between 10 AM – 3:30 PM for chance to hand-pick all your shirts and designs.  The carved blocks are hoping you pick them!

Feel free to make your requests in the reply section below.  I may simply respond to you directly or I may approve the comment for all to see if you ask questions that would be helpful to others.

In any case, get thinking about what shirt you want!

Please forward this blog post to anyone you know who like my shirts.  I may not offer this custom order service again… share  …share  …share  …

I’m Teaching Rya at Common Ground on the Hill this Summer!

Student making color blending choices

As you may know, I have been a regular “student” of the Traditions Weeks at Common Ground on the Hill  since 2000.  If you are not familiar with their programs, take a look at their web site.  It used to be a one-week long residential (and commuter) Arts Camp focusing on the arts in all genres from all cultures. For the past several+ years it has grown into a 2-week camp. During Week II, I am teaching Scandinavian Rya Design where you will design and make your own rya with my guidance. (If you don’t know about rya, watch this 10-minute video I made with the Carroll County Times in 2012.)

I highly recommend taking the whole week off of work or routine if that is possible, and immerse yourself completely in the program. There are 5 periods each day plus meal time and concerts and lectures in the evenings and nights. You will meet people not only from all across the USA, but also the world.  You can also just sign up for one class, but believe me, you will want to stay for more each day.

Byrdcall Studio is filled with colors today.

Students from a previous class create their color combinations that they will knot onto their woven backings.

My class (in Week 2) runs from Monday, July 6 – Friday, July 10 from 9  – 11:45 AM.  We currently have 5 students signed up, but this kind of class is even more fun with a few more because you all will get to see what each other are working on which expands your knowledge of the craft. You don’t need any particular skills or knowledge in fiber arts. I can provide all the supplies you might need since they truly are very hard to find otherwise.)  Click here to see my Workshop Write-up.

ShelvesofyarnFor those of you who live out-of-the -area, what a perfect chance for learning new skills, meeting new people, enjoying (and learning) arts and music from all around the world in a safe and easy environment–McDaniel College campus in Westminster, Maryland.  If this interests you, do not delay.  Classes are filling quickly.  Hope to see you there.  Feel free to share this with anyone who love the arts and sharing and learning with others.



This is the beginning of Angie Michal’s very first rya which she designed and knotted.


The Odds of a Tattoo!

When something really amazing happens…the kind of thing that makes me ponder the universe, I like to share it with you.  One of those mind-blowing moments happened just the other day.  Here goes:  My husband and I were at the local nursery garden center picking out some new shrubs.  I kept wondering if we were looking at native varieties. Finally I said to John, I’m going to find someone to see if there is a section of just native species.  Bee! shirt

Jamie tattoo

My new friend, Jamie, at Sun Nursery sporting his new tattoo.

There were several staff around assisting clients.  I went up to a young man wearing a bandanna, and before I could ask my question, he said, “Wow, where did you get that shirt?”  I was wearing one of my hand-printed honeybee shirts–Bee!  I explained that I was the artist and I designed and carved the image… But before I could finish my little spiel, he extended his left arm and revealed the very same image tattooed on his inner arm!

After we both regained our composure, he went on to explain that a buddy of his had bought the shirt from a lady in Woodbine [guess that would be me].  They both liked the design very much. (obviously.) They had done a honeybee project in high school, and well, I guess they just decided to take the shirt to the tattoo artist, and requested that my Bee! be forever etched on their skin.Jamie arm tattoo

Frankly I am honored.  If you want to get my art tattooed on your body, go right ahead.  I’ll even drop by the tattoo parlor when it is done and add my signature.  If you ever want to get your picture in my blog posting, just send me a shot of any Byrdcall image tattooed on your body.  Makes my day.

Tattoo BrewerHere is another image of mine that I know  two guys got tattooed on their legs.  It is a logo I designed for a local homebrew supply shop.  Can you name the owner of this leg?  How about the Homebrew Supply Shop?

OK, who is next for their Byrd tattoo?

Step right up.