Woodcuts & Linocuts

This is my new artistic passion. I just love the sharp contrast between black and white. Return to this page often because I have been quite prolific in carving these images. A “woodcut” is an image which I carve into the surface of a piece of wood. I roll ink onto the carved surface, then press and burnish the image onto paper or fabric with a wooden spoon.

The areas which are carved away will not touch the ink, while the areas not carved become the black design on the white surface. A “linocut”  is the very same thing except the image is carved into a piece of linoleum.

A woodcut may show wood grain texture while a linocut won’t.  The following images are available in various formats:

  • Limited Editions (numbered and signed) printed on heavy printing paper with a nice border suitable for framing
  • Same as above, but with the addition of watercolor highlighting. (some designs—not all)
  • Hand-printed onto high quality cotton T-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeve T-shirts, all hand-signed by me

Checkout this professionally produced video showing how I create a woodcut print from sketching out the design idea to printing from the carved block.  It’s about 5 minutes long, and will make the process very clear for you.


  1. Melinda sits at her drawing board carving James Ranch linocut
  2. A Place to be at Ease blockprint with colored pencil highlights
  3. James Ranch block print, Durango Colorado
  4. May the Road rise to meet you... linocut. Prints available for $65
  5. May the wind be always at your back...Click to see video of how I did this project--on Youtube.
  6. Bee! Linocut.Available for framing, on T-shirts, and as notecards
  7. Linocut Print: Waste NotGreat way to share this message with others: on T-shirts or framed on the wall.
  8. Action in the RifflesMany think this is my best overall design. maybe? Available on shirts or to frame and hang.
  9. Monarchs and Milkweed linocut
  10. Great Blue HeronI had to carve two separate block for this piece. Available on shirts.
  11. Serpent Ridge VineyardsThis was their first logo.
  12. BluesThis was inspired by blues guitarist, John Mooney.
  13. Linocut of three Fireflies in moonlight
  14. BrookieLinocut (Carved in linoleum). Limited Edition of 25. Block size 6" x 12". Paper size 9.5" x 15. $65. Can also be hand-printed on a shirt.
  15. Brookie in ColorThis is the same as the Brookie, but hand-watercolored. This images was published in James Owen's book, TROUT, 2012.
  16. ListeningThis is a spiritual piece, and my very first woodcut.
  17. Under the palm WoodcutCarved in red oak. can you see the wood rays?
  18. Waiting for the Green FlashCarved in red oak, like Under the Palm.
  19. DragonflyThis is a linocut which I accidentally ruined, so there will never be another printed just like this. Available silk-screened on Ladies shirts.
  20. PuffinAn early linocut. Available on shirts, on paper to frame, and on greeting cards.
  21. Canada GooseEarly piece available on shirts, on paper to frame, or greeting cards.
  22. Three Cautious CrowsI believe this edition of 10 is sold out, but it is available on shirts.
  23. HopsLinocut. Available silkscreened on shirts in all sizes, and on paper to frame for $65
  24. Henry David ThoreauSimplify...on paper to frame or on shirts silk-screened in many colors.
  25. Knotty DogsThis is myfirst blockprint of all of these images! It got me started on a new path.