Fun Week at the Studio

My Brookie in Color linocut in the book TROUT by James Owen

Last week I received in the mail the book called TROUT by James Owens which has the reproduction on my “Brookie in Color” linocut.  It is a very nice book, and I am more than honored to be included among the illustrations in this unique book on trout.  James Owens is from Sweden, and found my art work via google-images.   He is a writer for National Geographic magazine.  So keep your eye out for more of his work.

I can’t resist and opportunity to tell people about my path in life that led me through studying biology, working in the environmental education field, and then metamorphosing into an artist of multi-media.  Last night I volunteered to be among a panel of 4 artists and photographers to present at McDaniel College–sharing my path and experiences (mostly wonderful!) on my way to being an artist today.  Seeing the students’ faces reminded me of how baffled I was at their age as to where I was going in life.  I mean, who knows?  No one knows.  You just ride the wild river and hope you can steer your kayak to the channels you want to take.  Ha!

Glass Painting Class

The week started with a fun group of wild women taking a wine glass painting class ( with a little wine served on the side.)  How relaxing to sit and chat over a glass of wine while learning a new painting skill.  Let me know if you want to join the next glass painting class.  I’d love to have you with us.

Linda painting her koi glasses

And here is a new glass just posted on  Prehistoric art on a pint glass for the aboriginal hunter. Here’s the link to my etsy listing:

And now it is Friday and I rest for a couple of days.  Peace, my friends.

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