Studio Peek: Custom Work for an Equestrian

I love it when someone comes to me with a dream of a work of art that they have thought about for months.  It feels so good to be entrusted with a personally meaningful project–and the outcome is a collaborative effort:  your ideas and my interpretation and implementation.

Thus, the groundwork for this project.  Jo Ann Robertson has owned and operated Aspiring Heights Farm in South Carroll County, Maryland.   Last month, she brought me an old piece of furniture–a table with a shelf and backboard to be painted to her specifications.  Clearly she had visualized the entire project as she described each entity of the project.

Here is the play by play of how the work has been progressing.  It’s not done yet, but in my next posting, I’ll show you the finished piece which will have four horse portraits and lettering on the table top.

Aspiring Heights Table before work

The table came from “the barn” which means it was dirty, had cobwebs and barn swallow poop on it.  My first job:  clean, sand, minor repairs, primer coat, and base color coat.

Photo #2 Cleaned, Sanded and Primed

Hunting Thong

Next, I painted the thong–no, not that kind of thong–it’s a hunting thong!

And the reins along the front of the shelf framed by bits used by Aspiring Heights Farm.

Today (and yesterday), I painted the farm scene on the back wall of the table.

It is a beautiful farm, and I really wanted the barn to glow.

The only thing left to do now is four horse portraits on the top of the table along with the name of the farm centered in the middle.  I’ll show you the finished piece when it is done.


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