I’m a Shirt-Printing Fool!

My print drying rack is full of drying shirts.

I really enjoy hand-printing shirts.  When November and December roll around, I become the shirt-printing fool.  Throughout the year, I am mostly doing custom work for individuals or businesses–paintings, murals, portraits… then comes the fall shows like Mistletoe Mart and Bazaart.  All I bring to those shows are my hand-printed shirts, some silkscreened shirts, and my print racks.   What I bring home from these shows are piles of custom orders.  “I want this design on a long-sleeve (or short-sleeve) ladies (or men’s) cut shirt in that color.”  Happy to comply. So here are my piles of shirts in various stages of preparation.  Maybe you’ll see the shirt you ordered!  Of the 50+ shirts ordered, 80% are mailed off to their new owners.

Great Blue Heron shirts after the first printing phase.

The Great Blue Heron design is my only two-color print.  This is what a variety of colors of shirts look like after the background color has been printed.  They will look so much better tomorrow, after I print the black outline block, I guarantee.

Next Day: Here’s what they look like the very next day. Isn’t it amazing how different they look on various colors? Half of these are orders; half are available.

I have plenty of silkscreened shirts I could pop in an envelope for you at a moment’s notice .  Available designs in just about all sizes:  Thoreau, Hops, Listening, Three Fireflies, Brookie in Color, Brookie (green), Dragonfly, Great Blue Heron, and others.  They are $20 each except Brookie in Color is $25.

I love looking at the different designs on different colors.  I usually offer muted color tones, but some “brighter” folks have ordered interesting “special orders” this fall.  Like check out the Tree Frog on Cardinal red.


And Three Fireflies on electric purple.  That’s what makes custom printing so much fun.

I’m looking forward to putting the last one in the mail so I can kick back and relax a bit…  Come to think of it I have about 10 custom painted wine and pint glass to paint.  Maybe I’ll show that process next week.

Once dry, the shirts in the rack will go in these envelopes tomorrow morning and off the the Post Office.  Have fun with your holiday preparations.



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