Shaking the heck out of "Ringar," my oldest rya rug

Shaking the heck out of “Ringar,” my oldest rya rug

I must say, since I can walk to work in my back yard studio everyday, I don’t dread the snow like so many commuters.  In fact, I am electrified by snowfall.  I should have cleaned my rugs earlier in the winter, but better late than never.  Whether or not you have any ryas, see if you have any rugs in your house that would benefit from a good shaking and stomping in the snow.

This wall-hanging named "Collage" was hanging in my husband's office for about 15 years.  'Bout time for a good snow stomp.

I even took wall-hanging ryas off the walls to let the snow dry-clean them.  The more powdery, the better. You’d be surprised at how much dust can collect on a wall-hanging.  This wall-hanging was hanging in my husband’s office for about 15 years. ‘Bout time for a good snow stomp.

All you have to do is throw them in the snow, do a little snow dance on the back of the rug, shake it, and repeat.  The tiny snow crystals grab onto dust particles and dirt and send them flying as you vigorously shake.  Spring is right around the corner, but take advantage of this free cleaning process before it is too late!

Note:  If you received a blog email from Byrdcall Studio via WordPress today, relax and know that there is no problem.  I just totally switched my website to a new and safer internet web server and the moment the new account opened, that odd message went out to my mailing list.  It shouldn’t happen again, but don’t worry about any gremlins in the system!

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