Looking for Advice…

Has anyone out there ever written a book? (Or taken on a huge project with a definite start and finish?)  Did you ever get to a point where it became very hard wrap it up and bring it to conclusion? Most of you know that I’ve been working on writing a book sharing all I know about off-loom rya rug making. It’s been in progress for over a year now.  I wrote more than half of it in the first two months, now I am just “stuck” and re-editing previously written chapters.  Most of it I am really excited about.  But other parts I want to rewrite.

I’m having a self-discipline problem.  I do all the other studio jobs and tasks before I open my “book file.”   I go to the refrigerator and eat when I’m not hungry.  I’m turning down social invitations because I want to get my book done, then I do everything but write.   I know I have it in me to complete this awesome book, but perhaps I have fear of completion?  Any suggestions?  Any amateur psychiatrist willing to give free advice?  I will be so happy when it is complete.  Lots of you folks are anxiously awaiting its publication.  Sorry to make you wait so long.  I’m going to kick into high gear this fall….just thought among you all, there might be just the words I need to hear for the shot of adrenaline to keep me dashing to the finish-line!  If you comment below, it won’t appear instantly, but go ahead and comment and your dialog may be the magic for me.  Thanks in advance for your HELP!.


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