Yes, I know, I never post “ads,” but I was so happy with how these Great Blue Heron linocut printed shirts came out, I just had to show them off to you.  And while I’m showing them off, why not give you a chance to grab one (or two) for a gift.  The ink is dry and they are ready to mail.  You can ask for custom orders at this point, but they won’t be done by Christmas.  These in the pictures below are ready to go today… first requested, first served.

Normally my black ink shirts are $25 for short-sleeves and $30 for long-sleeves.  The Great Blue Heron is my only two-block process which takes and extra day of printing, so they cost $5 more.  But I think you’ll agree they are worth it.  If you want one, email me right away at and tell me which style, size and color you want.  You will get the actual shirt in the photo (unless someone requests it before you.)  I’ll send you an online safe credit card invoice from and that just takes a minute.  Then the shirt(s) go in the mail.  If you are requesting from Maryland, I must add 6% tax, and if I’m mailing it as opposed to you picking it up, I’ll add $4.00.  OK, here are the available shirts:

Men’s (Unisex) Short-sleeve: gbh3 copy

Ladies Short-sleeve: gbh5 copy

Ladies Long-sleevegbh4 copy

and for Youth/Child Sizesgbh2 copy


And in case you are wondering, I have hundreds of other shirts in other designs, but if your brain is as frazzled as mine, I thought you might benefit from a simple one-design choice.  And, it’s a lot more fun to get a hand-printed gift from a local artist, than a Walmart special. Try to relax and breathe.  (Actually, that advice was for me.)  Happy Holidays to you all!