Help Me to Help You with Rya Problem Solving

To the rescue! When I saw my friend, Angie, had posted frustration and this photo in a Facebook posting, I–along with others–jumped in to offer encouragement. She wrote: “Trying desperately to get back to work – cleaned the study, cleared my desk, organized my piles of papers, put away the books, called my muse… but nothing is happening 🙁 “

So it happens.  You think nothing can go wrong, but then, something stops you.  I am finalizing one of the last chapters in my book on TROUBLE-SHOOTING.  I am going into detail on all of these progress stoppers, but what am I forgetting?  Have you come up against a wall for any reason when working on a rya?  Tell me about it…if fact, tell everyone about it (unless it was because of a booboo I made–then just tell me!)  Hit the reply button below and tell me things you want to be sure I included in the book.

What Can Go Wrong? How to Prevent and Fix it:

  • You (or someone in past generations) packed it away in a closet due to major life change. (a baby coming, moving, new job, family emergency…)
  • You forgot how to make the knot.
  • You ran out of a yarn color, and the company that made it no longer exists.
  • You lost your graph (or the dog ate it.)
  • You loose track of where you were headed in your designing process
  • You suddenly don’t like a particular color combination.
  • Your body is not as young as it used to be.  

Most of the questions will be answered clearly in the book, but what if I missed something.  This is your opportunity to tell me not to forget anything that is important to you–and others for sure.

Leave comments below.  They may not show up immediately, but check back in a few hours or a day.  Many thanks, Melinda Byrd

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