Out with the Old…and In With the NEW!

I tend to hang on to all the vintage rya yarn I find or buy on eBay. But in my last newsletter, I announced that my “hidden stash” really is available to you. I described all the yarns that no one sees. So, a long-time customer (and now friend) from Arizona had her eye on the vintage Frostagarn from Sweden and after some cheerful negotiations, she bought about 100 pounds at a good price. This was also very good for me since I need space in the studio for my growing rya yarn, backings, and kit supplies–and not to mention the 500 books I’ll be bringing home from the printer next month!

So, all of the natural and earthy colors of Frosta are gone as well as many of my Bergå and Nordiskas yarns. Out with the old…and in with the new!

I still have plenty of vintage Lundgren yarn, a little Åsborya yarn, and new Rauma yarns rolling in each month. Happy to move the vintage to a new home overlooking the Arizona mountains.

Now you can update your Frosta sample cards. All I have left are the hot colors: yellow, goldenrod, oranges, and magenta.

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