Rya Backings – Lundgren (USA)


This American-made backing was woven in New York of acrylic weft on a linen-cotton warp. It is woven in the traditional manner of the midcentury modern period, but with nontraditional fibers.  All the acrylic backing is 26-27″ wide.  The knot and row spacing is about the same as the Rauma backing and it coordinates with the Byrdcall rya graph paper very well if you plan to graph your design.  It holds 68 knots across the row for your graphing purposes. Multiple strands of yarn can be used on the needle because there is “give” in the weft.

It is a soft, white backing and not hardy enough for floor use (it would slide underfoot), but great as a wall hanging. It is our least expensive backing @ $10/foot plus $10 for hemming both ends.  One end is hemmed wider so a rod can be inserted.

**For Greater Discount**: Buy 6 – 15 linear feet unhemmed @ $8.00/foot.  Buy 15+ linear feet unhemmed @ $7.00/ foot.  Contact us for bulk purchases.

Questions, please contact us.

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