Woodcuts & Linocuts

This is my new artistic passion. I just love the sharp contrast between black and white. Return to this page often because I have been quite prolific in carving these images. A “woodcut” is an image which I carve into the surface of a piece of wood. I roll ink onto the carved surface, then press and burnish the image onto paper or fabric with a wooden spoon.

The areas which are carved away will not touch the ink, while the areas not carved become the black design on the white surface. A “linocut”  is the very same thing except the image is carved into a piece of linoleum.

A woodcut may show wood grain texture while a linocut won’t.  The following images are available in various formats:

  • Limited Editions (numbered and signed) printed on heavy printing paper with a nice border suitable for framing
  • Same as above, but with the addition of watercolor highlighting. (some designs—not all)
  • Hand-printed onto high quality cotton T-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeve T-shirts, all hand-signed by me

Checkout this professionally produced video showing how I create a woodcut print from sketching out the design idea to printing from the carved block.  It’s about 5 minutes long, and will make the process very clear for you.


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