10 More Rauma Rya Kits to Review

Here is the kit "Vinter" ordered by prolific rya rug-maker, Murray, from Novi, Michigan.

Here is the kit “Vinter” ordered by prolific rya rug-maker, Murray, from Novi, Michigan.

Happy New Year 2016!

Here are 10 more designs from Rauma in Norway.  These will come as complete kits.  We just received our first kit a couple of weeks ago.  The kit box comes with the appropriate sized wool and linen backing all hemmed and ready to knot.  It has all the yarn you will need.  They recommend two strands of yarn on the needle instead of three for their designs. You get a “kavel” (the ruler to wrap your loops around if you choose).  And of course, the graph, and needles.  I am always happy to start the first few knots for you, if you like.  It could take 4-6 weeks for your kits to arrive.  I ask for a $50 nonrefundable deposit when you place your order (to be deducted from your invoice when the kit arrives.)  Note: The colors in the photos here are scanned directly from the Norwegian catalogs.  The colors on the monitor may be slightly different than the actual yarn, but rest assured the the artist who designed the rug, designed it with the true yarn colors, which are spectacular!  And finally, there are two kinds of ryas among these kits.  One is completely Ryegarn from the Spaelsau sheep of Norway.  The other is a combination of two yarns, both from the Spaelsau sheep:  Ryegarn and Prydvevgarn.  The kits with the combination of yarns are a bit more expensive, but they have a more varied texture.  (I just ordered my first combination yarn kit two weeks ago (for Paul in Idaho Falls), so I’ll report on what I learn about it when it arrives.)  These ten designs happen to be “all ryegarn” and no prydvevgarn.

So here is Catalog #10 Rauma Ryer:

#159 "Barskog" Ryegarn only. 140 x 200 cm 55" x 79" $1,142.

#159 “Barskog” (Translation:  Coniferous”)    Ryegarn only. 140 x 200 cm   55″ x 79″    $1,142.

#327 "Gylden Sti" 120 x 200cm 47" x 79" Ryegarn only. $1,000

#327 “Gylden Sti”  (Translation:  “Golden path”)  120 x 200 cm    47″ x 79″    Ryegarn only.        $1,000

#10 FELL

#326/A “Fell” 120 x 200cm 47″ x 79″ Ryegarn only. $1,000. Also available in Blues. Request #326/B

#10 ILD

#106/A “ILD” (Translates to “Fire”) Ryegarn only. Multiple sizes/prices. Also available in Blues #106/B. 40 x 75 cm $206; 80 x 150 cm (31″x 59″) $586; 100 x 180 cm (39″x 70″) $790; 140 x 200 cm (55″ x 79″) $1,142, and 200 x 300 cm (79″ x 118″) $2,400.

#10 MOLL

#61/A “Moll” Translates as “Moth” 60 x 110 cm (24″ x 43″) $350. 120 x 200 cm (47″ x 79″) $1,000. Also available in shades of Red: #61/B, or shades of yellow-brown: 61/C


#325/B “Tinder” 120 cm x 200 cm (47″ x 79″) $1,000. Also available in two different colors: #325/A Black – Green or #325/C Brown – yellow.    In ryegarn only.


#323/A “Trinning” 120 x 200 cm (47″ x 79″) $1,000. or 140 x 200 (55″ x 79″) $1,142. Also available in Gray – Blues. #323/B.    In ryegarn only.

#10 LYS

#116 “Lys” (Translation: Light) 100 x 180 cm (39″ x 70″) $790.   In ryegarn only.


#88 “Fjellflora” (Translation: “Mountain Flora”) Ryegarn only. 80 x 150 (31″ x 59″) $586.


#340 Moltemyr” (Can anyone translate?) Ryegarn only. 140 x 110 cm (55″ x 43″) $688.

And that is Folder # 10 from Rauma.   More designs coming ASAP in 2016.

Remember, I also sell the backings separately as well as all the Rauma ryegarn colors. You can ask me how much yarn any backing will require, and I’ll give you a good ballpark figure for your calculations.   I have graph paper in case you are inclined to design your own,  At Byrdcall Studio I have everything you would need to develop your own design.  (And frankly it will cost you less and you won’t have to wait long for shipment.)  I am relatively sure that my book on designing your own rya will be complete this spring/summer, so you have many options.

Start with my sample packet as seen here in my etsy shop.


5 thoughts on “10 More Rauma Rya Kits to Review

  1. One of our newest blog subscribers emailed this to me in response to my question about design, Moltemyr. Thank you, Corwyn!
    I enjoyed your newsletter very much.
    Moltemyr means the fields where cloudberries grow.
    Molte = cloudberry
    Myr = field
    Corwyn Knutson​

  2. Hello, So glad to find you! My swedish mother made a couple of rya rugs in the “60’s. I would like to make one of my own. I believe the large needles she had are still around somewhere. I’m interested in a kit possibly, or designing my own. Do you have a catalog. Need some help to get started.

    Thank you

    • Hi, Lisa, I’m glad you found me, too. I have lots of ways to help you make a rya rug. I have all the supplies you could need, including needles in case you can’t find yours. Here’s what will help you. Go through the past year or more of my blogs and read all that have anything to do with rya. I have available kits in there, how to design tips, etc. http://byrdcallstudio.com/blog-2/ Also, go to my shop on etsy.com. “Byrdcall. I sell backigns in many sizes, yarns, sample yarn cards, needles, and some kits. And third sign up for my newsletter. I just sent one out today. Here is the link. : http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Big-Year-Coming-to-the-Studio—-Jan-February-News.html?soid=1109224702888&aid=DOGOg8yR-bQ. Once you read all that, you will feel confident to decide what you want in size, design style (maybe) and I can help you get started. Stick with me. it might take a few months to get the inspiration. Look at all the beginners works at the end of my newsletter. Thanks!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing all this great info! Could you please send me a picture of #106/B? I’m very interested in purchasing a kit for my birthday.

    • Hi, Chay,
      That would be gorgeous in blues. But I don’t have a photo and I wonder if they even have one available in Norway. But we could easily come up with one in blues since it is a fairly simple design. When is your birthday? I’ve designed similar ryas in blues before. Email me at byrdcallstudio@gmail.com and I can send you more info to help.

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