Semi-Private Rya Rug-making Class slated for Spring 2013

Rya rug as used in traditional Scandinavian wedding

Rya rug making comes from Scandinavia dating back to the days of the Vikings.  The art of off-loom rya rug-making had a universal heyday in the 1950-70’s.  Then due to a trend away from authentic handcrafting, the art was nearly lost and materials rarely produced.  I learned the skills from my grandparents, the Lundgrens.  One of my goals in life is to help pass on the heritage before it is lost.

If you have always wanted to make your own rya  rug, but didn’t have the time to commit to learning, listen up.  Responding to a request from a future rya rug maker, I will be teaching 2 – 3 students (only) in my studio in an intensive “2-day class where you will learn all the basics of rya rug making.

Student making color blending choices

On Day 1, you will learn about history, unique materials, designing techniques, and calculating yarn quantities required. You will learn semi-advanced techniques of using varied pile length, loop sculpture, color blending, graphing, or drawing the image onto the woven backing.  After a 4-hour session, you go home and get to work using what you learned.  Yes, this is a homework class where you will instantly apply what you learn.

On Day 2, we’ll meet for 4-5 hours fine tuning our designs and working on color combinations.  By the end of Day 2, you will be knotting  your rug.  As an option, Day 3, you can come back for a brief critique of your technique and question-and answer session before you are set loose to enjoying your rug-making.

Students from recent class enjoy a classmate’s completed rug.

For people traveling from afar, this works out well for a two-night hotel stay.  Local knotters can be assured that I welcome studio visits anytime you need help on your project through completion.

Lunch will be provided on Day 2.

Materials:  $300 and up for authentic rya 100% virgin wool yarn in about 75 colors and rya backing woven of rayon weft and Irish linen warp and weft.

My studio is located in Woodbine, Maryland.  Directions will follow upon registration.  Contact me at for more information or registration.  Please forward this to anyone you know who would be interested in this seldom-offered class.

Choose the dates that work best for you:  Tuesday-Wednesday, April 23-24 or Tuesday-Wednesday, May 7-9.

Tuesday’s class runs from 1-5:00 PM; Wednesday’s class runs from 10-3:00 (with lunch break); Wednesday critique runs from 9-10 AM.

If you have not seen the video of how I design and make a rya, click the link below.

Handcrafted Traditions: The Nearly-Lost Art of Rya Rug Making

A recently completed rya rug

Color selection can be challenging

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