The Odds of a Tattoo!

When something really amazing happens…the kind of thing that makes me ponder the universe, I like to share it with you.  One of those mind-blowing moments happened just the other day.  Here goes:  My husband and I were at the local nursery garden center picking out some new shrubs.  I kept wondering if we were looking at native varieties. Finally I said to John, I’m going to find someone to see if there is a section of just native species.  Bee! shirt

Jamie tattoo

My new friend, Jamie, at Sun Nursery sporting his new tattoo.

There were several staff around assisting clients.  I went up to a young man wearing a bandanna, and before I could ask my question, he said, “Wow, where did you get that shirt?”  I was wearing one of my hand-printed honeybee shirts–Bee!  I explained that I was the artist and I designed and carved the image… But before I could finish my little spiel, he extended his left arm and revealed the very same image tattooed on his inner arm!

After we both regained our composure, he went on to explain that a buddy of his had bought the shirt from a lady in Woodbine [guess that would be me].  They both liked the design very much. (obviously.) They had done a honeybee project in high school, and well, I guess they just decided to take the shirt to the tattoo artist, and requested that my Bee! be forever etched on their skin.Jamie arm tattoo

Frankly I am honored.  If you want to get my art tattooed on your body, go right ahead.  I’ll even drop by the tattoo parlor when it is done and add my signature.  If you ever want to get your picture in my blog posting, just send me a shot of any Byrdcall image tattooed on your body.  Makes my day.

Tattoo BrewerHere is another image of mine that I know  two guys got tattooed on their legs.  It is a logo I designed for a local homebrew supply shop.  Can you name the owner of this leg?  How about the Homebrew Supply Shop?

OK, who is next for their Byrd tattoo?

Step right up.






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