Update on Frostagarn — New Price Break on Vintage Swedish Frostagarn

October 8, 2017–update:  Since last month’s bulk discount announcement, three colors have run out.  The photo to the left reflects the current availability.

I purchased many boxes of the Borgs Swedish yarn called Frosta over a year ago from an estate sale on the west coast.  It was produced in the mid-century modern period and is no longer made. I have listed it in my etsy shop, and sales have been brisk at $8/100gram with 110 Meter on the skein. Generally yarn of this caliber ranges from $10-16/skein

As of this blog-posting, I will be reducing the price for larger orders to help move the yarn to fiberartists who are on budget or just looking for a good deal.  It is currently the lowest priced yarn I carry, and frankly I need the space for newer yarns coming in.

If you are buying 1-14 skeins, the price is $8 per skein.  Notice the price drops significantly as you buy greater quantities.  If you want to order for a group of friends, why not bring the price down to $5/skein.  There will be no delay in shipment because it is on on premises right now.

A color sample card is included in my Samples package sold on etsy. The colors are limited to two basic color ranges: HOT pinks, oranges, and yellows ….

and COOLER natural greens, browns and golds.

Note: The chocolate brown, rust, and two other greens are now gone. See sample card at the top of post for availability–though quantities are less.

They can be used with other Frostagarns or mix them with Rauma, Lundgren, or Asborya (currently made by Borgs selling at $13-16/sk.)   You can mix and match colors as you choose. Any quantity, as long as it is still available or any Frostagarn color, just send me a list of what you want and I will send you an online invoice.  Or if you’d rather purchase through etsy, send me an etsy message telling me what you want, and I will do a special listing just for you.  Very easy.

Here are the price breaks:

1 – 14 skeins @ $8.00/skein

15 – 25 skeins @ $7.00

26 – 49 skeins @ $6.00

50+ skeins @ $5.00

Here is a close-up shot of a totally Frostagarn-made rya.  It has a coarse feel as most rya yarns do.  The twist is looser than other rya yarns, but the twist is maintained when the loops are cut.  I made sample swatches of rya rugs (like the photo below) using every type of rya yarn I carry, and was very pleasantly surprised at how nice the Frostagarn functioned solo on a backing.  I have been adding maybe 10-20%  Frostagarn to most my kits I offer along with a mix of the Lundgren, Rauma ryegarn and prydvevgarn, and Asborya.

By comparison (for those in the know), the same company, Borgs in Sweden made Frostagarn as they still make the Asborya today which sells for $13-$16.  The older yarn has the more characteristic coarse rope-like twist than the new which is definitely more on the soft side.


Vintage Rya Kit Looking for a Home –and Future Site of Adopt-a-Rya ~ Buy-a-Rya

9/6/17  I will be adapting this blog to be a constantly changing and interactive site for people who want to find a suitable home for a cherished rya rug, or kit that was–for whatever reason–not completed.  People find me since I have been “talking rya” since the internet was invented.  So I am a logical source to do postings.  I am not taking commissions.  I only want to post for the passionate rya folks who want to find a good home for their ryas (their “children”.  Either as a gift or for minimal charge.  Stay tuned… I have three offering to add to this blog soon.

In the meantime, check out this kit shown below.  It is a totally unknotted kit which will look like the one in the picture after you knot it and walk on it for 30 years.

Blog:  I don’t normally broker ryas for sale for people–so nobody ask me to do this for them, but when Jan from Boulder, Colorado called the other day asking if I knew anyone who would want this complete vintage rya kit from the 1970’s, I thought I’d help her.

It is a rare thing to have a complete rya kit made by Marks in Sweden.  It is 120 x 175 cm or 47″ x 69″.  Her family had two kits and made one.  That is the one in the photo that has been walked on for decades.  The kit contain a very high quality wool and linen backing, all the rya yarn, graph, threading card–all like new.

Jan is asking $600 for the kit plus shipping.  For that size rya, that is a very fair price.  I am taking no commission.  If you are interested, contact her directly at or call 303-960-8982.  She would be happy to send you more photos or answer any questions.

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