9/6/17  I will be adapting this blog to be a constantly changing and interactive site for people who want to find a suitable home for a cherished rya rug, or kit that was–for whatever reason–not completed.  People find me since I have been “talking rya” since the internet was invented.  So I am a logical source to do postings.  I am not taking commissions.  I only want to post for the passionate rya folks who want to find a good home for their ryas (their “children”.  Either as a gift or for minimal charge.  Stay tuned… I have three offering to add to this blog soon.

In the meantime, check out this kit shown below.  It is a totally unknotted kit which will look like the one in the picture after you knot it and walk on it for 30 years.

Blog:  I don’t normally broker ryas for sale for people–so nobody ask me to do this for them, but when Jan from Boulder, Colorado called the other day asking if I knew anyone who would want this complete vintage rya kit from the 1970’s, I thought I’d help her.

It is a rare thing to have a complete rya kit made by Marks in Sweden.  It is 120 x 175 cm or 47″ x 69″.  Her family had two kits and made one.  That is the one in the photo that has been walked on for decades.  The kit contain a very high quality wool and linen backing, all the rya yarn, graph, threading card–all like new.

Jan is asking $600 for the kit plus shipping.  For that size rya, that is a very fair price.  I am taking no commission.  If you are interested, contact her directly at or call 303-960-8982.  She would be happy to send you more photos or answer any questions.