Not as Fast as I Think I Am

Montessori TreeOne of the hardest things about working as an artist is estimating the amount of time it will take to do a project for a customer.   This spring three large projects all were requested of me at once.  I thought, “Great!  My entire summer is now booked except for the little two-hour projects that I might accept here and there.  No hunting for work for me!”

The first big project of the summer was the equestrian table with shelf with horse portraits.  (See June 28 and July 23 blog postings.)  That was happily completed ahead of schedule.

The next big project was construction of a rya rug for a LA artist who was designing the rug herself, for me to knot.  That project is a few days away from being completed.  It should be done this weekend and will be shipped to an Austin, TX Gallery for an exhibition to run from Nov. 3rd – Dec. 29.  I will not reveal the completed design until it is offically unveiled at the Gallery, so stay tuned for a time-lapsed video showing the progress in my November newsletter.

Camlin Mural in Progress

Camlin Mural in Progress

The third big project is a 12-peice mural commissioned by Dean Robert Camlin Architect and Associates in Westminster, Maryland.  This painting is well on its way, but will move very quickly once I ship the rug to Austin.  I expect to show it here (completed and hanging)  by next month.

Needing to get out of the studio, I jumped at the chance to do a tree painting job that I could begin and end in one afternoon.  For the Ava Wanas Montessori School in Sykesville, MD, I was asked to paint a big bare tree in both classrooms so the children can “dress the tree” to the season.

Montessori Tree

Montessori Tree

Part way through the painting, several children and their leaders gathered chairs around me as I worked and offered helpful tips as I painted.  [By the way, if you want a brown tree painted in your home or wherever, I’ve got the better part of a quart of top quality semigloss paint just waiting to paint another tree…call me.]

So as summer unwinds to fall, all summer projects are soon wrapping up.  For a usually speedy artist, now I can look forward to catching up on things left undone all summer….Now I am thinking about fall art shows, linocuts, glass painting, pastels, getting ready for the Dec. 1-2 Studio Tour.Ready….Set….Go!

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