Online Viewing of Rauma Rya Kits Currently Available


This one is named “ILD” which translates as “Fire.” I have a small kit for $206. which measures 16″ x 35″.

Once a month, I order rya yarn, backings, and rya kits from Norway.  The kits are a relatively new addition to my offerings.  In my last order, I purchased four kits which had no one waiting to receive them meaning that they are available at this moment.

  1. ILD (In reds as shown and in Blue-Greens.)
  2. Gry
  3. Vinter
  4. Anemone (My best seller in recent months)

Here is a new way for you to view what is available in kits from Norway (as opposed to viewing my past blogs where I have listed individual designs.) Click on this link to go directly to Rauma’s web site in Norway.

This is Gry. I have it immediately available in these colors, but can also order it in purple-reds or gray-blues.

This is Gry. I have it immediately available in these colors, but can also order it in purple-reds or gray-blues. It costs $350. 24″ x 43″

Then click to download the various catalogs to see all the available kits.  I believe I can get any one of them for you.  Send me an email asking for the price of a particular kit.  Please use the order #number along with the name of the kit and the size you are interested in.  I’ll get back to you with a price.  The kits come in three different price ranges depending on how many strands of yarn are used on the needle and if the rya has a sculptural effect or not.  I can tell you the cost without you knowing the details.  😉


“Vinter” is available now. You can guess what that translates to in English. The kit is 24″ x 43″ and costs $350.









I’m thinking that if local folks ordered (or bought) kits, I would organize mini-classes of 3-4 students at Byrdcall Studio for a little class (maybe two hours) in getting started on your kit.  (Free of charge.) I’ll probably keep doing this for years to come, too.  I might as well start now.  I’d be looking for a minimum of three students, so let me put you on my future mini-class list.

Since these blogs are interactive, let me ask you:

If I offered a half-day mini-class on getting started on a Wreath Rya Wall-hanging this Fall, would you be interested?   See Wreath Rya in my Etsy Shop

headband-with-rya-knotsWould you be interested in a mini-class in designing your own rya with other beginners?  I’m thinking of offering classes with themes.  For example a rya class for quilt-makers to incorporate their quilt designs into ryas… and a class for visual artists to turn their abstract paintings into rya rugs.  Stay tuned and let me know if something interests you.  I’ll put you on the list to contact when that class happens.

Have you ever made rya knots on clothing?  Hats and mittens in particular?  If you have, tell me about it, or better yet, send me some pictures.

You can take a plain crocheted head band and turn it into a fun art piece.

And another random question:  If you have made ryas before, and hang them on your wall, HOW do you hang them?  What is your technique?  Yes, I am writing this part of the book now and would love to learn from YOU.

That is all for now.  I have a lot more blog posts in mind which you may be seeing sooner rather than later… and a newsletter should be out in a week or so.

Thanks so much for your interest.  Stay tuned. … Melinda

PS  Feel free to comment below.  I love to read your comments.  You might not see it immediately, but there is a delay in posting to stop spammers.  Thanks!




3 thoughts on “Online Viewing of Rauma Rya Kits Currently Available

  1. Thank you Melinda for your recent newsletter. I enjoyed looking through the Rauma catalogs and love the link! I’m in awe of the woman who can complete a Rya a month – I’m taking forever to finish mine. I have a question; in the photos of the Ryas on the catalog it looks like the pile is much longer than what I am allowing in my rugs. As I’ve been a ‘long distant’ student of yours, I’ve yet to see a real Rya in the flesh. Can you please let me know if there is a standard and/or a desired length.

    • Hi Angie,
      I know what you mean when you say don’t know if your way of doing rya is the right way because you’ve never seen other’s work. Rest assured that yours are perfectly wonderful and right on target. You are consistent and that is more important than very long or very short pile. When people buy a Rauma kit, they are given a stick (like a ruler) which you can wrap the loop around to make sure all the loops are the same length. Most of their kits use a stick that would be comparable to you getting 16 knots from your threading (the strands that result when you cut the skein once) So in fact counting how many knots you get from a threading is as accurate as using the stick. Now your deeper question, how long should the pile be? That really is up to you when designing your own. I’d say loops under an inch might be too short, and over 3″ might be too long. It also depends on if you are looking for a sculptural effect…or if you are going to walk on it or hang it….and how much detail your design has. The more detail, the shorter the pile. If you were doing a rya flower wallhanging, it might be fun to have the stamens of the flowers cascade longer than the background colors. In general when I start a beginner on their first project, I say strive for13-14 knots per threading for an inch and a half pile length, and cut the loops a little unevenly to give even more variation to the pile length, but in a consistent way. Does that help? You are very accomplished in your designing and knotting technique! No worries, my friend.

  2. Hej!,
    I’m a Californian whose of Swedish descent..I have my Mothers beautiful handmade Rya rug..She was born in Stockhom. I really want to make a wall hanging Rya myself..Do you have access to a rug kit with “1948” in the title?

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