Rya Yarn Supply at Byrdcall Studio Update

This is an important blog for anyone who is interested in my rya yarn supplies.  (If not, you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip this message.)  If you have my sample yarn cards, go get them and follow along with me.

pinksreds2The BIG NEWS is that I now carry every single color– 82 in all–of the Rauma Ryegarn from Norway.  I started slowly, but a year later my shelves are stocked with 5 or more of every color.  I reorder monthly so if you need more than I have, I can get what you need within 4-6 weeks. And I can send you what I have immediately to get you started asap.

These are the 82 Rauma Ryagarn color I have on hand.

These are the 82 Rauma Ryegarn colors I have on hand.  100 g skein. 2-ply.  75 M.    $16/skein.  Yarn sample card is $5.

soldout Lundgren copy


OK, Now pull out your Lundgren Rya yarn sample cards.  The yarn in the long skinny picture is sold out, but I have all the other Lundgren colors. (See at the bottom of this posting below)

This is the yarn that my grandparents had spun for them of New Zealand fleece by Harrisville Designs of Harrisville, NH.  No more of this yarn is being produced in the states. I still have thousands of skeins, but not in these colors.  If you are desperate for one of these sold out colors, feel free to ask me about it.  I may have a cut skein somewhere that I can offer you.  And I can definitely make a suggestion as to a substitute.

If you have your Lundgren Yarn sample card in hand, I suggest that you put an X through the sold out color numbers rather than removing the yarn.  If you leave the sold out yarn in the card, you can refer to that color when communicating with me.

If you don’t have a Lundgren Rya yarn sample card, I would recommend that you order my full line of rya samples.  I make this available for immediate sale at my etsy shop.  Click here to read more or to make a purchase.

The samples I send you include not only the yarn, but a variety of backing swatches to choose from as well as a detailed description and price list.

The next BIG NEWS of this blog is that I have now sold out of all of my Finnish Vuorelma yarn.  I only had about 8 colors in stock before they declared bankruptcy a year ago.  Very sadly this is one more Scandinavian Rya supply company that has succumbed to economical woes and lack of sales of rya supplies. (My guess.)  So if your yarn card has Vuorelma yarn on it, X them out.

And finally, I still have a solid supply of Asborya rya yarn from Sweden.  It takes me quite a bit longer to receive these Swedish yarns, but many of you love their softness.  In the yarn sample cards that I send via my etsy shop, I enclose a card of Asborya yarn samples.  As far as I know, no one else sells Asborya yarn samples.  They can be viewed online, or you can get the actual yarn to feel along with my rya samples.

Pirkanmaan Kotityo Oy Rya yarn samples - reduced

Pirkanmaan Kotityo Oy Rya yarn samples. Click on image to zoom in for detail.

I have bought rya backings from another Finnish supply company, Pirkanmaan Kotityo Oy.  I intend to purchase more of their backings and yarns soon.  This would be ideal for those making rya wall-hangings.  Here is what their yarn sample card looks like.  Heavenly colors.  A lighter weight yarn … so you can add more strands on the needle for endless possibilities for blending.  Acquiring more of their yarn will be a goal of mine for 2016.  Tell me below which colors you would be most interested in buying–no pressure or commitment!

Friends, this has been a long blog, so I appreciate your patience.  I just want to keep you informed of the status of your favorite yarns.  Please share with any other rya folks you know.  They will appreciate knowing what is available.

PS  For clarity, there is still plenty of Lundgren Rya yarn.  See image below. (Note: #91 sold out.)lundgren sample cards 12-2-15 copy









8 thoughts on “Rya Yarn Supply at Byrdcall Studio Update

  1. hallo; i want to make an rya hug,but i can not find the rya yarn in france or in germany.
    is it possible to send me a yarnsample und the price please,?to france?
    thank you,to answerme,please marion

    • Bonjour, Marion!
      I can send you my samples if you like. I sell a nice package of all the yarns and rya backings that I carry for $15 USD. (I believe it is $13 USD to send them to France which is not a problem. But before you order, try this company in Germany. They sell Rauma yarns, and I believe that they could order Rauma backings for you if you requested. That would save you lots of overseas shipping fees. Good luck. Let me know if they are able and willing to help you. The company is Firma Karis Webstube. This is their web site. I do not know them personally. http://www.karis-webstube.de.

      If that doesn’t work out, go here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/218689684/rya-yarn-sample-cards-from-rauma-asborya?ref=shop_home_feat_1

      Thanks and I hope this helps.

  2. Hello. I am having so much fun working on a rya rug- I do need to order a few more skeins. Do you have Helmi Vuorelma- Finland #557 and 51? I need 3 -4 skiens of this darker blue, of varying colors – it is for the night sky – I like the tighter weave.
    Thank you. Mary

    • Hi, Mary, I’m glad you are having such a good time with your rya. I just sent you an email with photo of all my good dark blue possibilities. I am down to just 2 skeins of Lundgren #51 now and no more Vuorelma yarn, but I sent you some other great possibilities. Stay in touch.

  3. what a beautiful website! ok, so i didn’t wait till i was feeling better! i couldn’t! too curious! i also paint, felt (dry or wet), crochet,weave, chair caning (another near dead art form), and so much more…i just love creating in all mediums! you wouldnt happen to sell wool roving/batting would you?

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