Since I was a child (and back then, our parents didn’t even try to keep track of us!) I used to wake up before the rest of my family, pack my fishing pole, a few strips of bacon from the refrigerator, and sneak off to the pond by General Radio — about a half mile from my house (Concord, MA) to fish.  I was probably in 3rd grade at the time, but I developed a passion for sitting by water hoping for the unknown to rock my world by making my bobber bob.  It was the beginning of my love for trying to understand nature.

Melinda Fly Fishing near North Park Colorado

Fishing near North Park Colorado

I’ve been down a wonderful path of learning about nature and the environment since then.  Nature , fish, insects, the blues…all have become part of my art world which I love to share with you over the years.  Almost all of the work I do in art these days goes back to the fire kindled in my early days as an unsupervised child.

Fast forward to last week.  I try to keep up on my emails.  So a week ago, I was cleaning out my spam folder…delete, delete, delete, delete, then whoa!  In the subject line was the word:  Brookie.  Well Brookie (or brook trout) is the name of one of my linocut prints.  How did THAT get in the spam folder?  I click to read the message and find that a writer in Sweden had nearly completed his book on TROUT and wants to include my “Brookie In Color” in his book.  Wow, so who the heck is this guy, James Owen?  After a few minutes of googling him I realize that he is an exceptional writer for National Geographic on subjects that fascinate me–anthropology. stone henge, Pompeii, Ancient Trees of Sweden… come on, can this be for real??

Brookie in Color

Brookie in Color

A few emails back and forth, and I am totally there.  The book:  TROUT is already being “pre ordered” on  I have no idea how he found my “Brookie in Color” but that is not a problem, I’m just glad he did.  Now I can look forward to having my art published (not the first time–but a significant publication) because this is a passion which has come through all my life.

So who knows what your week has to offer you? Be careful about simply deleting SPAM.  Had I hit “delete all”, I would have missed a grand opportunity.

Art in the Park is over–great show–now I’m lookiong forward to a couple of months of creating from the heart.

Be there.