Lydia's Kitchen Outlet

I usually like to put my work out there so as many eyes can see it as possible.  It’s part of the exhibitionist in me.  (Who would guess!)  But seriously most artists like to have their work noticed.  A few years ago, my good friend, Lydia, asked me for help in disguising her plastic electric switch plates in her kitchen because they detracted from her new beautiful tile walls.

Lydia's Kitchen Light Switch Plate

Lydia’s Kitchen Light Switch Plate

Always up for something new and a challenge, I painted the plate covers so hopefully you can barely see them.  I was just at Lydia’s house the other day (brewing a Belgian Ale during Big Brew) when I asked if I could see how the switch plates were standing the test of time.  I took these pictures, and I must say, it was almost hard to find the outlets.  What do you think?   So some art hangs on your wall and no one even notices it.  But that is just fine in this case.