Hats off to Heli Miikkulainen-Gilbert of Finland for her rya Eco-Fur winning first place in A’Design Award & Competition.


I first met Heli online when she happened to come across my rya video where I was making what I thought was going to be “my last rya rug.”  I sadly reported that I would no longer be making rya rugs.  I had spent many hours searching online for yarn and backing sources with no results.  She emailed me to give me her rya sources in Finland. Soon after, I found additional sources and was motivated to buy back Lundgren Rya (my grandparents’ business), and jump into the rya world once again.  Heli helped to bring me back to rya!

And look at her inspiring work!  I’ve never seen anyone take rya rug making to such heights as I’ve seen on her web site and blogs.  So take a moment if you will, to see what one individual has done with artistic talent and rya supplies!  Kudos, Heli!

Click here to view her prize winning convertible coat.

Click here to see the award winning Eco Fur Coat!

Join me in congratulations to Heli!

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