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The printing was completed in mid-March 2020.
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298 pages
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8.75″ x 11.25″
Approx. 2.5 lbs
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ISBN 978-1-7342522-0-0

Listen to a 1-hour “Author Interview” recorded on May 18, 2020. Sponsored by the Carroll County Public Library and supported by the Carroll Media Center, the interview of Melinda Byrd is conducted by Ted Zaleski. He delves into some of the interesting behind-the-scenes subjects pertaining to the book.

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I was like a little kid in a candy store as I went into the post office to pick up my book. All the excitement well worth it. I've gone from looking through the book to reading it. Melinda has a true love of her craft and it shows in this marvelous, informative and beautiful book.

Heidi from Washington April 27, 2020

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This is much more than a how-to book. It is a book of love, love of grandparents, love of family, love of a craft. Historical and biographical information are entwined with the step by step process of putting an abstract idea in ones head into a design on paper that grows knot by knot into a rug. Through photographs and thorough explanations, Melinda's book provides the guidance for all those interested to make one of their own rya rugs.

Margaret from Massachusetts April 27, 2020

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. . . It is so comprehensive. It really covers every detail of everything a person needs to know about designing and knotting a rya. There are so many important designing tips in there, it is unreal. That is the most useful part of the book for me. Over time, I’ve learned an enormous amount of weaving techniques through books and online, and in my opinion your book is right up there with the classic weaving texts. What makes it stand out to me is precisely that it combines together design and technique to an extent not found in any other weaving book. You have really put everything into this text and it shows. Thank you SO much . . .

Lori from Texas April 27, 2020

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I got mine yesterday and skimmed through it (okay, I looked at the pictures) as soon as I got it. It is beautifully laid out and photographed. Today I read through a couple chapters in more detail, primarily about the blending of colors and estimating quantities. It will take a while to go through. There is a lot of info packed into it. Both Melinda and Mr Koons outdid themselves.

Catherine from North Carolina April 27, 2020

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Got my copy yesterday and am loving reading it. Beautiful photography! Great history. I have yards of backing from my mother from her needlework days in Bloomfield Hills. Time to plan a project!

Kristin from Illinois April 27, 2020

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. . . I held my breath for a whole week awaiting its arrival to my mailbox. I am so excited to snuggle down with it and learn, learn, learn ... no matter how much you think you know, there are always tricks and tips others have figured out that might provide aha moments. Bravo, Melinda!

Rita from Colorado April 27, 2020

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. . . newly produced, really nice book about making your own rya rug. I am so inspired right now. The ideas start spinning in my head. What will my next rug look like?

Charlotte from Sweden April 27, 2020

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Amazing book, truly excellent. . .

Karen from Rhode Island April 27, 2020

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I just finished reading my copy this morning. It's wonderful to have such a thorough and inspiring resource! My fingers are itching to start my next project!

Gail from North Carolina April 27, 2020